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There is a wealthy selection to the Country style, with an array of elements and options coming collectively to create warmth, fluidity and stability. The bold and bombastic is expressed in elegant compositions by way of sheer steadiness and restraint within the Art Deco type.

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With its origins within the pleasure and glamour of post warfare Europe and America, the style was born within the 1920s to offer a brand new aesthetic for a new time. The color palette of the Transitional type is predominantly impartial and monochromatic, featured on walls, ceilings, flooring, and upholstery. Colors range from deep taupe to heat tan or vanilla, adding cozy depth and balance.

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This neutral background provides, however, glorious choices for introducing color accents in smaller parts. Like its different modernist counterparts, Scandinavian type embodies a transfer towards simplicity, functionality and effectivity; it also however brings an emphasis on affordability to the palette. The color palette of Mid-century modern type normally floats in hues of orange, yellow, green and brown, though deviations aren’t uncommon.

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Eclectic style depends on core design sensibilities to make sense of the chaos that it dwells in, striking concord by way of color, composition, stability and materiality. Soft cotton and French linen is drawn out in fluid designs that explore the pastels to perfection. Aqua, teal, turquoise and these myriad shades of blue come alive in gentle, natural supplies that are reminiscent of summer. Warm muted colors and patterned materials are well-liked, as are papered or stenciled walls.