Tricks to Make a Narrow Garden Feel Fun

Tricks to Make a Narrow Garden Feel Fun

Every new house offered by the developer always provides a garden in the back and front of the house. But sometimes, the small size makes the owner often confused with what to do with the park. The narrow garden was eventually transformed into an additional space because it was fully bear to decorate. Many things can be done even though the park is narrow. Also, the small garden makes it easier to maintain.

1. Don’t waste a small area

When decorating a park, we are accustomed to ignoring certain areas so that the park does not look too crowded. However, when you have a small garden, it should be avoided. Besides, a mistake often made in decorating a small garden is too many plants in one area. This makes the park look crowded. A good way is still to make your garden look simple or simple by choosing a maximum of only four plants. These plants must have the ability to grow well in a limited area. The garden will look spacious by placing a good type of plant and care.

2. Use unique ornaments

If you have a garden that has a limited size, one way to overcome this is to use ornaments to add charm to the garden and also make the garden area not look boring. Put the garden ornaments by the flow of the park. There are many choices of garden ornaments that you can use to decorate your small garden. Starting from traditional ornaments such as sculptures, to modern ornaments in the form of balls or cubes.

3. Lush Oasis

If you like plants, having a small garden will make it difficult for you to be creative. However, you do not need to worry, there are still many ways to develop your hobby in the park that you have now. One of them is by making special areas in the park more lush than usual. This area is called a lush oasis. The way to create a Lush Oasis is to plant or place plants very close together, so that there is no or only a small amount of space that each plant has. Besides, decorations like this are placed in the corner of the park and added a separate container or box to add effect to the area itself. If you plant plants close together like this, then you should always balance the plants with water and fertilizer, so that the plants remain green and fertile throughout the season.

4. Outdoor sitting area

Another inspiration to change your small garden is to change the garden into a seating or outdoor dining room to relax with family and friends. Because of the small size of the park, this will add to the atmosphere of closer and intimacy, even romantic nuances. Image via If you are interested in creating this relaxing area, three tips can be done to add a comfortable atmosphere to the sitting area in the park. The first tip, add a fence high enough around the park to provide privacy when you relax. You only need a tall fence, cute tables and chairs to decorate your small garden.

The second tip for giving a broad impression to your garden is to use bright colors like white on the floor or paint the walls of the garden. Also use furniture with a minimalist design. The garden will look spacious with the use of bright colors and a minimalist design. The last tip, add a small bench or bench to create social areas in your garden. Small-sized garden does not become a barrier for you to create a beautiful garden. This is because a lot of inspiration and tips are very easy to turn your small garden into an attractive park.