Want To Repaint Your Bedroom Yourself? Learn the Challenges and the Solution

Want To Repaint Your Bedroom Yourself? Learn the Challenges and the Solution

The bedroom as a room with a high level of privacy and reflects the unique character of each person, will certainly be more comfortable if designed and painted with a favorite color. In fact, some people prefer to take care of their own bedroom rather than asking for help from others. Starting from daily cleanliness to furniture rearrangement and painting. If you want to repaint your bedroom yourself, learn about the challenges and solutions here. This article provides a variety of smart tips that make this fun process even more fun, cost-effective, time and effort.

1. Identify Needs and Desires Before Choosing Color and Type of Paint

Often we think “I know what I want”, but remember to think also about what is needed. Sometimes desires are influenced by current moods, but needs are affected by circumstances in a longer period of time. Also remember, repainting is not a job that only takes 1-2 hours and is as easy as snapping a finger.

2. Get to know the bedroom and all the furniture

The space element is not only the walls, but also the floor, the ceiling and all the furniture. Each element has a unique role and characteristics, starting from the material, texture, resistance to temperature, until the colors are all interrelated and complementary. So, when you want to repaint the bedroom, don’t limit it to the wall. Or if you just want to repaint the wall, make sure it matches with the other elements.

3. Self-painting is Fun

There is a special satisfaction when successfully painting your own bedroom. Every inch of the room feels really the result of hard work paid for the comfort obtained. Time in the room becomes more quality and inspiring.

4. Choose the Right Color

Color discs can indeed help in color selection. However, it can also be confusing because all colors look good or look similar. Start with the desired color type. Soft or bright color? Neutral or contrast? One or more colors?

When choosing wall paint colors, remember also the color of the ceiling, floor, and furniture in the room. No need to rush to determine the color. Ask for a color card or sample to take home and match the colors of the other elements. Look at the color during the day with natural lighting and at night under the lighting so that the sensation in different circumstances throughout the day.

5. Tinting or Color Mixing Process

Usually the paint can already be printed with the color inside. However, even though various colors are available, there is still a possibility that the desired color is not available.

a variety of new quality colors that suit your needs and desires can be presented through the tinting process, the latest computer technology to mix colors. Uniquely, the paint to be tinted is white. Only after going through the tinting process, the color changes as desired. The accuracy of the process is also quite accurate according to the percentage of color mixed. So you can buy more if less.

6. Preparation for Repacking

Usually, the desire to repaint arises because the paint is dull, peeling, or already bored with the color and want a new atmosphere. Well, the process of repainting is not just coating the old one with the new one. If the old wall paint has peeled off, it is necessary to exfoliate the paint first. Or at the very least, if the old paint still adhes well, the wall needs to be cleaned first from dust so that the new paint can adhere properly.

So that the end result is good, more even, and more sticky paint, use primary paint or primers first. Using base paint is as important as building a house foundation, although it does require more time and energy because it requires twice the workmanship, primary paint and then wall paint.

But now, ACE Paints provides 2 in 1 paint, a combination of primers and paints for interior and exterior with flat, satin and semi gloss finishes. The size also varies, ranging from pail, gallon, and quart. Uniquely, if a gallon of other brands of paint contains 2.5 liters, one gallon of ACE Paints contains 3.79 liters.