The bedroom is a private space in your home that serves as a personal sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. As we enter 2022, the bedroom trend will remain focused on comfort. In order to achieve the desired feel of comfort, elements such as sustainable high-quality materials and manufacturing styles will be increasingly sought after. The following are some bedroom designs that will trend in 2022:

1. Bedroom Design For Comfort

As the Covid-19 Pandemic forces us to spend more time at home, creating a relaxing haven is paramount. The pandemic makes you realize that maintaining the comfort of your home should always be a priority. To emphasize relaxation and comfort in your bedroom, layer plush pillows and soft plush textiles and decorate it with items that make you feel calm and comfortable. For example scented candles, favorite books, or family photos.

2. Sustainable Duvets and Sheets

Sustainability is a major concern throughout the home, influencing our choices for cleaning products, paint, food storage containers and more. Since we spend a lot of time every day in bed, the use of natural and eco-friendly materials is very important in the bedroom. It takes important considerations when making a purchase for a bedroom. For those of you under the age of 30, you may see more choices for bedding made from organic fabrics, recycled materials, or eco-friendly fibers, such as bamboo.

3. Bold Colors in the Bedroom

Neutral and subdued colors like gray and white and will always be a favorite for their soothing tones. However, warmer and bolder colors are gaining popularity as bedroom colors. Orange, caramel, mossy green, and burgundy are the most popular colors. In the bedroom, incorporate warm, saturated tones on the bed or walls for a bold color. Or you can start small with accents such as pillows, blankets, or bedside tableware.

4. Interesting Motifs and Patterns

While you might hesitate to cover your entire living room with festive patterned wallpaper, the bedroom is a more personal space where you can experiment. To spruce up your own bedroom, choose an attractive wallpaper, mix and match patterns on pillows and bedding, or decorate the floor with a graphic rug.

5. More Prioritizing Quality

Quality often requires a bit of investment, but consumers are increasingly looking to splurge on convenience. If you’d rather spend more on items that are well made to last than skimp on trendy but lower quality items. However, if you want to splurge on a bedroom, consider which part of the investment has the biggest impact. For example, a new mattress or pillow, which can improve the quality of your sleep.