Home renovations are needed when you need a more comfortable dwelling and a more customized design. But often you may hesitate to renovate a house because it takes quite a long time. While the house you live in has suffered various damages that must be repaired immediately, you should be able to take advantage of any time that allows renovation. One of them is during this short vacation. Here are 5 short home renovation ideas during the holidays that you can do:

1. Renovate your home floor tiles

If you want to change the atmosphere during this short house renovation, you can consider changing some elements, such as changing the floor tiles of your house. Renovate the floor tiles of the house in parts that are not too big such as the terrace or bathroom to make it look more spacious and beautiful. You can try brown wood floor tiles which emit a warm feel and are easy to clean.

2. Repaint the furniture and replace the ceramic walls of your home

Home renovations don’t always take long, you can spend a short time during this holiday by repainting the furniture and walls of your house. Start by using paint to change the color of the storage rack under your sink. You can also replace the house wall tiles to get a new atmosphere, especially the bathroom area.

3. A touch of color and rearrangement of the living room

Want to renovate the living room of your house that looks boring, If your living room looks less lively because of the dim color of the sofa and old furniture, it’s time for you to change it. Start by adding a touch of bright colors like yellow and blue to liven up your dim sofa, such as cushions and tables. You can also add contrasting color wall shelves and change the lighting that emits a more modern atmosphere. If necessary, you can also consider replacing the living room floor tiles.

4. Modern country style bedroom

Good sleep quality is supported by many factors, one of which is a comfortable bedroom atmosphere. If you are bored and find your bed too dark, it’s time for you to try a new style such as modern country style. You can add two brass lamps on either side of the bed to support modern design needs. For windows, you can renovate country style windows by changing the color to turquoise or blue green. Don’t forget to change the motifs on harmonious pillows and sheets and hang your favorite paintings to make the bedroom more comfortable and suitable as a place to rest.

5. Change your door color

The first impression of your home is the door. If you are unable to completely replace the door and if your door is still in good condition then you can repaint it. The door of the house can affect the lighting in your room. For a dark room, no matter what color your walls use, you can paint the ceilings, trim, and doors the same color but 50 percent lighter. You can repaint the door using a different shade according to the concentration of light in your home to optimize your home lighting the way you want.