5 Things to Look For Before Building a Minimalist Kitchen

5 Things to Look For Before Building a Minimalist Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. From there, the source of delicious and nutritious intake is cooked and then served to beloved family members. What’s more today, the kitchen is no longer a messy place with oil splashes here and there. Because there are so many minimalist kitchen designs that can make the owner feel at home for a long time in the kitchen to make and eat food or just sip a cup of coffee in the morning.

Minimalist designs in homes, especially kitchens, are now a trend and lifestyle for millennials who already have their own dwellings. Even when I typed the hashtag #DapurMinimalis on Instagram, within seconds thousands of photos of the kitchen that were neatly arranged with beautiful decorations appeared. It seems that more and more people are paying attention to the layout and decoration of the kitchen in order to make it attractive to anyone who sees it.

Even the kitchens that were once at the very back of the house and closed from the view of guests, now many kitchens are designed to be open, even in the middle of the house. It’s as if the kitchen is a showplace, and anyone can see and even join in creating something delicious to enjoy together.

Even though I don’t have my own residence, it doesn’t hurt to aspire to have a house with a minimalist design and pay great attention to the kitchen as my “workspace” as a mother who always tries to give the best for my family.

1. Choose a functional kitchen design

Before making a dream kitchen, we must look for design references from various sources. Of course this is fine, but please pay attention not to just imitate the design just because it looks “beautiful”.

For example, is the kitchen that we want just for cooking, or is there a dining table for dining together? or even the kitchen is used to produce the food business that we have? So make sure the functional design matches the needs of the home owner.

2. More Storage Is Better

Minimalist kitchen is synonymous with neat and clean impression. Whereas in the kitchen there are actually a lot of various kinds of kitchen furniture, from small to large ones, as well as a variety of wet and dry foodstuffs that need to be stored.

So to deal with it, a lot of storage is needed. You do this by making the upper and lower cabinets. For the lower cabinet, the length is the same as the length of the room, with a width of about 60cm and a height of about 70-80cm. As for the upper cabinet, the width is about 50cm, and the height can reach the ceiling height.

3. Pay attention to the circulation of air and light

The kitchen as a place for cooking, be it boiling, frying, and grilling, of course, will cause smoke that will irritate if not handled properly. For this reason, when building a kitchen, don’t forget to make windows and air vents large enough. However, if this is not possible, be sure to install a fume hood and air purifier.

Likewise with light, it must be bright, not dim. Whether it’s day or night, make sure the light is bright enough so that we can do activities properly while in the kitchen.

4. Choosing the Best Material


Even though you want decorations that change according to trends, make sure the main furniture such as cabinets, top tables, and backsplashes are made from the best materials that are durable, moisture resistant and waterproof. For cabinets, the recommended material is solid wood. As for the top table, it is preferable that the original / imitation granite or marble with a thickness of 1-3cm.

5. Use Interior Design Services For Maximum Results

If indeed as home owners we don’t understand how to make a beautiful and functional design for a dream kitchen, it’s better to use interior design services. With the right calculations, the use of interior design services can prevent construction errors that only waste a lot of material, time, and effort.