Furniture that purposely looks old or rusty, pipes that are deliberately uncovered, and light touches give the raw beauty of a home. However, for the older generation, it doesn’t make sense why now many are deliberately exposing all of these things, whereas in the past it was deliberately covered up and hidden. The following are some aspects of industrial homes that can be your home design ideas.

Brick Wall

Home Design Inspiration

Brick walls that are deliberately uncovered are the most important aspects that can show a typical industrial house design. Usually the bricks are red, but if you want something more unique, why not try white bricks or maybe bricks mixed with red and white. So that it provides a texture and also a feel that is perfect for industrial homes.

Cement or Concrete

Concrete is also a big aspect for industrial homes. Apart from being a wall, many use concrete as a dining table, or floor. You can also apply this cement or concrete throughout your industrial home. Concrete-themed homes are rare and can give a one-of-a-kind feel to your entire home.


Some people may ask, why deliberately expose house pipes? Not only for industrial home decoration, these pipes are also very useful! Where with pipes that are intentionally exposed, you can find out and see more easily if there is a defect or leak from the pipe, so you know exactly which pipe needs to be repaired.

Metal Material

With the rise in popularity of industrial houses, metal materials are often used in factories and offices, because they are cheap and strong, of course, this is one aspect that reflects industrial houses. Yes, metal may not be the cheapest nowadays, like metal dining chairs or bed bases, but they still give a cool feel and are still a strong material for industrial home furniture.

Home Accessories

Don’t forget your home accessories, because often home accessories are things that are always forgotten. Add functionality to your industrial home with a digital home key. With the feel of an industrial home, just use a conventional key as a decoration and use a digital home key as the most trusted main security tool or function to keep your home safe and comfortable.