Rattan furniture is often a mainstay of home decoration. Even so, many do not know how to properly clean and care for rattan furniture. It is important to care for rattan furniture. The following are some easy ways to care for rattan furniture:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner

Rattan Furniture

The structure of rattan usually consists of woven with narrow gap details. It is in this gap that dust usually nests, thus making the furniture dull. The most practical way that can be done is to use a vacuum cleaner with hairy ends. Keep in mind that never press too hard on the surface of the furniture because this can cause the matting to become scratched or even come off.

2. Use Toothbrush

You can use a toothbrush to clean between rattan furniture. Make sure the toothbrush you use still has good bristles. You can simply wet your toothbrush with water to make it easier to remove dust. The gaps are smaller? You can also use a stick or wire covered with a wet tissue.

3. Scissor the Peeling Parts

Usually, fibers will appear on woven rattan from old wooden. Whether you realize it or not, you may have pulled out the chipped part. If you have ever done it, you should not do it again because it will damage other parts. The most appropriate way to do this is by cutting or cutting the peeling fibers starting from the base.

4. Use Detergent

Detergent powder or dish soap will be very effective for cleaning synthetic rattan furniture. The method is quite easy, you only need to sprinkle some detergent on some parts of the furniture. Next, spray the furniture and rinse until all the soap residue is gone. On natural rattan furniture, just use a cloth dampened with detergent water. The next step is to wipe all parts of the furniture. It should be noted that the cloth should not be too wet.

5. Ensure Perfect Dry Furniture

This is very important because rattan has the potential to be affected by mold due to moisture. You can use the sun, a fan or even a hairdryer to dry it. Just use a hairdryer with cold air on natural so that the surface doesn’t burn or burn. As for synthetic rattan furniture, never use a hairdryer.