A kitchen remodel is a major stage in any homeowner’s life. It’s important to create a design that can grow with you over time. One example is homeowners adapting their space for a growing family. The following are some tips for doing a family friendly kitchen design:

1. Prioritize Your Cabinet Layout

A well-organized cabinet layout is essential for any kitchen. In a growing family kitchen, this is a top priority when remodeling. The layout of your kitchen will determine the flow through the kitchen. Save yourself the headache in the future and think about how to maximize your kitchen triangle for preparing perishables and heating bottles late at night.

2. Plan for Chaos

Rather than constantly feeling stressed over the mess found in your kitchen, be prepared for it. Knowing how to do a kitchen cleanup will help you stay organized and deal with any clutter that comes your way. Your family-friendly kitchen design choices can also relieve the stress of clutter.

3. Create a Family Friendly Space

Afraid that one of your little mess-makers will grow into a bigger mobile mess-maker? There is a way to plan ahead. Invest in the right child safety locks in your kitchen. Plus, create a safe space for baby to roam and explore. For example, you might let your baby with supervision access drawers filled with plastic containers instead of fragile kitchen items. Or if you’re really daring, let the toddlers play with your collection of pots and pans.

4. Storage

There’s nothing worse than struggling to find what you need only to lose it in a sea of plastic lids and wooden spoons. Save time and sanity by organizing all the items you need to keep the whole family happy. Multi-storage drawers to keep various items neat and tidy.