Home Interior Tips on the Pros and Cons of Parquet Wood Floors for the Room

Home Interior Tips on the Pros and Cons of Parquet Wood Floors for the Room

The advantages and disadvantages of parquet wood floors for the room

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parquet Wood Floors. Wooden floors have started to be loved because of their popularity. In addition to bringing a model and beauty, wooden floors are also able to make a home feel more modern. Wood is able to give a warm and elegant impression in the interior of your home design.

Offering a variety of beautiful styles and patterns, wood floors are easy to combine with furniture to suit whatever style you want in your home. Before applying wooden floors, of course, you have to understand the types.

Most residences in Indonesia do use ceramic floors, and only a few use wooden floors. Although much loved, wooden floors are rarely applied. This is because using wood floors is an interior design that is quite draining.

Wood floors are available in various types with their own uniqueness, ranging from color to different characteristics. In the interior design of wooden floors, there is a term parquet (parquet flooring) which is familiar in the world of housing and property.

What is parquet?

Parquette (parquette) is a wooden floor applied to the floor to enhance the aesthetics of the building, especially the interior. Parquet has a surface with a wood texture that gives a luxurious and comfortable impression.

Parquet flooring is wood flooring from a collection of pressed wood chips to form pieces or planks ready to install on the floor. This floor covering is usually a decorative element applied in residential, villas, hotels and offices.

Parquet material can be solid wood or processed parquet called engineered wood and laminate. In terms of price, solid wood parquet is more expensive and requires a lot of maintenance than processed parquet which is cheaper and the installation is easy and more efficient.

Difference between parquet and laminated wood floors

The wooden parquet has a natural character because it is straight from the tree. Types commonly used for floor coatings are teak, merbau, bengkirai, kempas, marine resin, ironwood, rosewood and meranti.

Laminated wood floors have a surface like wood floors. Not only displaying wood grain, but some also featuring natural stone, ceramic, granite or marble hues.

The advantages of Solid Parquet Wood:

  • Can be re-finishing up to 5 times repeatedly.
  • More sturdy and durable because it is real wood without a mixture of the original layer.
  • Better appearance.
  • Able to absorb heat.

Cons of Solid Parquet Wood:

  • Easily expand (shrinkage).
  • Cannot be installed in the basement.
  • If exposed to water and not handled quickly it will be damaged.
  • Prices are relatively high.

Advantages of Engineered Parquet Wood:

  • More stable and not easy to expand shrinkage.
  • Can be installed in the basement.
  • Prices are more economical
  • Disadvantages of Engineered Parquet:
  • Can not be refinished many times.
  • Not as durable as solid wood.
  • Prone to moisture.

The advantages of parquet wood floors

Natural and looks luxurious

A very strong natural impression is a plus for wooden floors. Parquet wood floors can give a natural touch to the house. The finishing process given by wooden floors will also make it look shiny and luxurious. Read: Attractive Models of Modern Home Wood Floors

Using wooden parquet floors will make a residence more calm and peaceful. It is perfect for those of you who like natural nuances.

Very Decorative

The material consists of pieces of wood that are placed together, parquet wood floors have a geometric and decorative beauty. Besides that, it can also be painted or finished in different styles.

Various wood motifs can make you free to choose motifs according to the interior theme of the room. Uniquely, the pattern on the wooden floor is created naturally, so there is no need to worry about seeing the same motif in other dwellings.

Can be applied anywhere

Wooden floors that are dynamic in nature can be applied to the interior of any house, from traditional to modern homes.

Parquet wood floors can eliminate the stiff impression in a modern residence. The elastic properties of wood will create a more beautiful and beautiful atmosphere without feeling stiff.

Warm and able to absorb heat

As mentioned above, solid parquet floors are able to conduct heat and store it for a while. So, wooden floors will feel warmer.

So don’t be surprised if many dwellings in the highlands – such as villas and other inns, use parquet wood floors.

The nature of wood is able to store heat during the day to warm the air at night. Not only feels warm physically, the wooden floor also feels warm for anyone who comes. In other words, the atmosphere of the room can feel familiar to those in a wooden-floored house.

Minimizing harmful compounds

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, using parquet wood is also beneficial for the residents of the house. This is because parquet can reduce the effect of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the room.

VOC is an organic compound that has a very high vapor pressure and easily evaporates at room temperature. Compounds such as methane and non-methane can be harmful to health because they are toxic.

Safe and easy to install

Wooden structures that are not too dense and hard compared to ceramic floors, of course, are classified as safe to apply in your home. The soft and light wood texture can reduce the risk of injury and this is beneficial for those of you who have children and the elderly at home. Besides being safe, wood floors are also easy to install because it is enough to arrange the pieces of wood using glue. The only hard part lies in making the concrete floor as a base.

Sturdy and Durable

The wood material used is indeed quite strong and durable, even up to decades. Parquet wood floors are resistant to use for daily household needs. The use of parquet floors also rarely shows signs of damage.

Easy to clean

This type of processed parquet floor does not require a lot of troublesome maintenance because it is easy to clean. You only need to clean as simple as sweeping and mopping.

Maintenance of solid wood floors is also not too troublesome. It is enough to wipe and mop it with a damp cloth. Add gloss to keep the solid parquet floors beautifully shiny.

Color fades easily

Color that fades easily is the most striking drawback of wooden floors, especially if it is often exposed to direct sunlight. If it’s like this, periodic refinishing can be a solution to restore its charm. Of course this is quite draining the bag.

Vulnerable to moisture and damage

Apart from not being resistant to direct sunlight, this wooden floor is easily scratched when exposed to sharp objects. Not only that, the slightest scratches will make the marks difficult to remove.

You must be careful when moving items so as not to scratch the floor surface. It is recommended to provide a base for each furniture leg so as not to damage the floor.

If it has been scratched, replacing parquet wood floors in certain areas is difficult because it has to be completely dismantled. Avoid wearing high heels or carpeting to minimize the potential for scratches.

Prone to termite attack

All wood is prone to termite attack and you have to prepare for this. You can provide insect repellent during floor installation. In addition, regularly check the condition of the floor of the house, because the presence of even a few termites can damage the wooden floor quickly.

Slippery floors

Although it is not too hard and is considered safe, some parquet floors, especially laminate or solid floors, are quite slippery, making those who walk on them easily slip, especially when they are still wet or splashed with water. Because they are prone to getting wet, parquet floors are not recommended for the kitchen.

Difficult maintenance

Even though it looks easy, caring for parquet wood floors is quite complicated, especially solid parquet. The nature of being fragile and easily damaged makes wood floors somewhat difficult to maintain.

Wooden house floors that are often cleaned with a broom or mop, can gradually erode the floor finishing which makes the charm fade. Likewise, the pores are wide enough to make stains that fall on wooden floors difficult to clean.

If not clean enough to care for it, wood floor fibers can become a den of germs. In addition, if not cared for properly, parquet wood floors can change shape, either shrinking or curving, so that they look no longer luxurious and comfortable.

You can choose various types of parquet wood. Before being used as a floor, the floor wood must be processed through a long series of processes to make it suitable as a room base. For those of you who are fans of wood materials, the presence of parquet wood flooring products can be a consideration to decorate your dream home design.