Some people feel wary when it rains, because it causes the roof of the house to leak and has not had time to fix it. Therefore, a leaky roof is one of the problems that always arises during the rainy season. It will be very disturbed by the owner of the house if the roof of the house leaks and causes more water to enter the house. The following are some tips for repairing a leaky roof to be safe during the rainy season:

Check the roof regularly

So that you can prevent leaks in the rainy season, you must master the actual situation of your roof. You can check regularly and regularly. Especially in the rainy season when you need to check at least once every 1-2 months, the sooner the checking time, the better. If the concrete and asbestos roof has cracks, this will not immediately cause a leak. Roof leak therapy will occur when it rains heavily. In order not to leak if there is a hair crack, it is better to immediately patch it so that the crack does not widen which results in a bigger leak.

Checking the ceiling

After checking the roof surface, you can immediately check the ceiling on the house that you need to pay attention to too. Usually in the ceiling most often leaks, so if a leak occurs, it must be quickly or immediately repaired. If the ceiling is not repaired immediately and is left alone and remains moist, there will be a risk of more fatal damage, which can collapse and cause the cost of repairing a leaky roof to increase.

Checking the tile roof

You need to check the slope angle of the tile to maintain the tile’s ability to block rainwater. For tiles made of ceramics, a slope angle of 30 degrees is required. If things like this are not checked properly, rainwater accompanied by wind will be able to enter through the gap of the tile.

Use waterproof paint

To prevent leakage in the paint layer, you need to use a leak-proof paint. The use of leak-proof paint is very useful as a deterrent to water seeping in and can reduce the humidity that occurs. Leak-proof paint can help reduce leaks in your home.

Use a leak-proof coating

The use of a leaky roof coating system, can prevent leaks that make the room humid will be difficult. Although it is used for coatings, but in the installation it must be properly balanced with good composition and quality. If the installation is irregular, it will be able to cause more leaks, therefore the installation must be done properly and the installation is skilled and professional.