The Japanese and Scandinavian styles themselves are styles that explore minimalist art, making it very possible to combine the two. Japandi design can be interpreted through several approaches. Some consider that Japandi is a combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality. The following are some Japanese-style home interior designs:

1. Abundant Light Source

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The best source of lighting in Japanese design is sunlight. Abundant light coming in from the glass window provides maximum results thanks to the support of the interior wall and floor colors that support it. To help spread light, you can also use furniture surfaces that are shiny and reflect light like glass.

2. Use of Natural Materials

Japandi house interior design uses a lot of natural materials, considering that nature is a very important part of the design. The types of natural materials used are generally wood, bamboo, and rattan which are presented as furniture, flooring, or decorations. Here, braided woven bamboo is used as a lamp cage for an aesthetic touch as well as breaking down the light for comfort while resting.

3. Soft Neutral Colors

Japandi design is synonymous with soft neutral colors. Colors such as off-white, soft gray, beige, and earth tones are the main part of every Japanese design. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of other colors, but make sure to choose a soft tone to build a calm, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

4. Use of Firm and Simple Lines

Japanese home interior design uses a lot of clear and simple lines without too many additions that are not functional. Use furniture that can build a relaxed atmosphere. Combine it with textured materials such as carpets to emphasize the calm and peaceful impression that is in accordance with Japandi’s own design trends.

5. Bringing Outdoor Nuances Indoors

Japandi-style home interior design brings a variety of natural elements into the dwelling. Apart from using natural materials such as wood and bamboo, Japanese designs also often use green plants as part of the decoration as well as air conditioning. Plant pots in various shapes and sizes can be placed in the corners of the room or to decorate the table.