If you want to make a minimalist home design, pay attention to several things in detail to avoid some common mistakes. Of course, some of these mistakes make the house narrow and less comfortable to live in, because making a design for a minimalist home is not an easy matter. Because you have to pay attention to various things to produce a good design and will make the house comfortable, especially in making a minimalist home design you also have to adjust to the limited land size. Therefore, knowing some of the common mistakes in the design of this minimalist home will help you to avoid them, so that it will produce a comfortable home even though it is small.

1. Placement for the kitchen

One of the mistakes that many make in making minimalist home designs is the placement of the kitchen, where many people don’t make a direct door that leads to the kitchen. This of course makes if someone wants to go to the kitchen, they must enter the main door first and pass through the living room and then enter the kitchen. Of course this will be a problem if there are guests at home, so you have to pass the guests first before you can go to the kitchen. This of course will be disturbing if someone is receiving guests, where the conversation can be interrupted. However, if there is a door that directly leads to the kitchen, it will be easy for you to go into the house later.

2. Location of the bedroom

For the location of the bedroom itself, there are also many mistakes in it, this is because many people when making plans for a minimalist home usually divide the room into several parts and adjust it to the size of the land. Even though it would be very good if during the process of making the floor plan, it is better if the function in the room is considered whether it is maximal or not. It’s a good idea if you place the bedroom not too close to the highway, which will disturb your sleep due to the noise of passing vehicles. This will interfere with the quality of your sleep, even though resting is an important activity.

3. Garage location

The garage is one room that is no less important because this room is a place to put the vehicle, especially now that all homes already have vehicles, both motorbikes and cars. It’s a good idea if you place the garage at the front so that it doesn’t make it difficult to enter the vehicle, especially the car, and will not block the entrance because the vehicle can enter directly into the garage. In addition, it is better if the garage and kitchen have a close location where it will not make it difficult for you if you want to unload things from the car and take them to the kitchen. Of course, adjust the size of the garage to the number of your vehicles, because the more vehicles, the wider the garage that must be made.

4. Not paying attention to the habits of the homeowner

Of course, if you want to design a house, then pay attention to the habits of the homeowner, this is so that you can create a special room for the owner of the house. For example, if the owner of the house has a hobby of painting, then you can create a special room for painting the owner of the house, of course you will also discuss this with the owner of the house. Therefore, do not let you make this mistake in making a minimalist home design.