v The exterior design is very important to be considered by the owner of the house. One of the key elements of exterior design is paint color. Paint color is very influential on the appearance of the outside of the house, that’s why you as a home owner must be very careful about choosing paint colors. In addition, paint color can clearly describe the character of the owner of the house, and can even describe the concept of the house as a whole. In order to make it look more attractive, you must pay attention to things related to the selection of paint colors:

1. Adjust to the Home Model

The first thing to note is to adjust the paint color to the model and character of your home. For example, if you build a house with an elegant model and character, eat the paint color you use, such as white, broken white, or cream. If you build a house with an eccentric character, the colors used can be bright but not too contrasting, such as light yellow or light brown.

2. Combine Several Colors

To make it look more attractive, try using a combination of paint colors on the exterior of your home. You can combine light color combinations with lighter and even darker colors. For that, also pay attention to the color tone, don’t let the color combination go too far so it doesn’t look tacky.

3. Adjust to the color of the fence or other exterior

The last one is to adjust the color of the outside paint of your house with the color of the fence or other exterior. For example, your paint is beige, so the color of the fence paint must match or match that color. This is useful so that the appearance of your home does not look tacky and excessive because you use too many color variations.