Residential properties such as houses and apartments or commercial properties such as shop houses are high value investments. Therefore, maintenance is very important to do in order to increase the value of the investment. Property that is left or used without regular maintenance will be susceptible to damage. If it is damaged then the value of the investment will decrease. So that the value of your property investment continues to increase, here are some tips for caring for your property in order to increase the investment value:

1. Avoid Water Leaks

If it appears that there is a leak in the water pipe, then don’t delay to immediately make repairs. If small damage is left unchecked, it can trigger bigger damage.

2. Check the Power Grid

The electrical network needs to be checked periodically to ensure the safety and comfort of the occupants of the house or apartment. The reason is that if there is a short circuit and repairs are not carried out immediately, this can trigger a fire.

3. Get Rid of Pests

Although it sounds simple, if you find pests on your property, such as rats or termites, get rid of them immediately. Pests such as rats and termites can cause damage to many parts of your home.

4. Keep Safe

It is very important to maintain safety within the property. Therefore, ensuring that the fence area, main gate, entrance, and other entry and exit access are in the best condition is very important.

5. Take Care of Plants & Yard

The beauty of your residence will be seen from the cleanliness and tidiness in the yard area. Front yard areas such as yards and terraces are the first areas that will be seen by anyone who comes. If this area is well maintained then the first impression presented is also good.