Gutters are an important part of your home that must be cleaned regularly. When it rains, gutters are very useful, especially to be a way for rainwater that falls on the roof of the house and drains it into the gutter. Gutters that are rarely cleaned will hinder the passage of water into the gutter. In addition, guttering is also a location that is often mossy and a place for garbage to accumulate. Cleaning gutters should be done in the dry season. This is of course because you will find it easier to clean it than during the rainy season. Here are some tips for cleaning your home gutters:

1. Clean and prevent clogging

Leaves or tree branches are usually trash that you have to clean from gutters. You must sweep away the dry leaf litter and twigs, so that the water can flow normally. If not cleaned, the garbage can clog the flow of water and risk causing the water to spill out of the gutter. You should also check the condition of the pipes that carry water to the gutters. Garbage that is not cleaned will be dragged and clog the water pipes.

2. Use gloves

Before cleaning gutters, you need to wear safety equipment such as gloves. You should also use a ladder that is still functioning normally to make sure when cleaning gutters that it is safe during cleaning. You can use a shovel to clean all the garbage that has accumulated and is blocking the gutters in your home.

3. Clean using a hose

In addition to using your hands, you can clean gutters and water pipes using a high-pressure hose so that the spray is strong enough to clean dirt stuck to the walls of the drain pipe. If the gutters are clean, you don’t have to worry when it rains. However, you can also use long sticks and push the trash out of the pipes.

4. Repair leaks and gutter damage

To make sure your gutters are functioning properly, you should check and repair leaks and damage to your gutters at home. If there is a leak or damage, consider fixing it first. If you can’t then decide to buy a new gutter and replace the part of the gutter that’s damaged. Leaks and damage also often occur in the pipes that drain water into the sewers.

5. Fix the loose pipe

Extreme weather can cause gutters and outdoor water pipes to loosen and break. You should check the gutters regularly, if you find loose or broken gutters, fix them as soon as possible, especially before heavy rain falls.