If you often look at websites that show the interior and decoration of the house, most modern people in developed countries prefer houses with open concept interiors. What is meant by a house with an open space concept is a house where socialization zones, such as the dining room, family room, and kitchen room, become one without partitions. Even if there is a divider, usually using furniture to create the impression of a partition or an imaginary partition, such as blocking the kitchen and living room using chairs or a kitchen counter top, using an open display cabinet. Come on, we need to understand the concept of a large open house.

Interpretation of Open House Concepts or Open Floor Plans

This open house concept is used in house architecture without insulation. So the house really feels spacious. However, it’s not like a warehouse, yes, actually there are only 2-3 rooms that don’t have partitions. For example, such as living room, family room and dining room together. Can also be a family room, kitchen and dining room together.

This concept has been a trend since 1990 and is one of the concepts often used to renovate old houses. Usually for old houses, you know, the room that is combined is a universal room as already mentioned. It is also impossible for the bathroom and bedroom to be wide open.

Rooms that mix very often:

Kitchen and dining room: Often the kitchen and dining room are combined in the same zone. Sometimes the kitchen table or kitchen island or the dining nook zone becomes the boundary between the two zones.

Dining room and family room: The dining room and family room can also be combined in one zone. The thing that separates the two could be the small steps or the color of the room paint.

Kitchen, dining room and family room: These zones can be united in one large room. Very suitable, really, if the ceiling is left big.

Who is suitable to have a house with an open concept?

Since the concept of an open house is not a matter of design style, what makes this home model suitable or not depends on the lifestyle of the home owner. Without any partitions, you can cook while chatting casually with other family members or guests who are watching television.

With this large and multifunctional room, everyone can do different things in the same place. This is in accordance with the lifestyle of today’s era where everyone is required to divide their time between working, socializing, and taking care of the family. All can be tried in the same room, right?

The concept of an open house is suitable for families who like to gather together, or for those who are not married but are happy to invite guests. This concept makes you feel together in precious moments.

Pros and cons

Apart from being adapted to your lifestyle, you also have to know the pros and cons of this open house concept first. Who knows there are points that you think are not really?


  • Small house feels spacious
  • The universal room is multifunctional see it easily
  • It’s easy to see family activities at home
  • Share lighting that saves electricity
  • Need to install more AC!
  • Make socialization activities at home easier


  • The house has large dimensions so it feels very roomy
  • One side scatters until everyone can
  • Lack of privacy
  • It’s hard to cool all the rooms so
  • The house will feel very noisy

This type of house is not suitable for people who like to be alone. There are people who enjoy the ritual of cooking as a means of seeking peace that open concept homes are not suitable for them. If you are a scattered person, this is also not suitable for using this concept because all the scattered parts can be seen by everyone easily.

Most Challenge Open Concept Houses

The biggest challenge with this concept is to create a sexual space in a large room and protect against noise in the house. It’s really hard to make this house look sexual, sometimes the house can feel cold and impersonal.

Not only that, it is also difficult to put objects in this room so they don’t scatter but still look neat and beautiful. If you keep cupboards and storage boxes everywhere, the house will still look cluttered.

You have to realize that this type of house will be noisy, right? Just imagine the kitchen equipment working, the TV on, and lots of people talking at once. Of course there will be a lot of noise with sounds here and there! If you want to focus on studying, yes, it’s better to enter the study or bedroom because there’s so much noise.

How to Make a “Seamless” Room in an Open Floor Plan House?

Arrangement of furniture in the room is very important. Don’t let it be seen that you ‘shed’ all the furniture you have in a room. You can wear any design model, as long as it has to look good from all sides. If there is furniture that looks bad from behind, it’s better if you just put it in the room.

Because the setting area is already informal, yes, it’s better to use a casual setting and furniture. The flow of the room also requires a lot and flow, so it’s better to use materials and finishing furniture that is ordinary but sturdy. You don’t need a very elegant selection, do you?

Colors and carpets can also be used as insulation, you know, not only by arranging objects and furniture. Use wall paint with different colors for different rooms. A place that is covered by a rug also separates one room from another.