Termites are a type of pest that is very harmful to humans. Termites consist of several types and one of them is a type of termite that likes to disturb plants and also attack wooden furniture in your home. If you find termites eating away at any of your furniture, then make sure you get rid of them immediately before they get worse.

There are various ways to deal with termites. However, did you know that some of the ingredients already in your kitchen are proven to be effective in reducing termites? Use These Various Kitchen Ingredients To Repel Termites If you want to get rid of termites immediately, then you can start by using some powerful kitchen ingredients to repel termites below:

1. Garlic

• Garlic is one of the mandatory items that are always in the kitchen of every home. Besides helping to give a distinctive taste to dishes, garlic can also be used to eradicate termites.

• The method is quite easy, namely by making a liquid from garlic soaked water mixed with dish soap. Then, spray the liquid on the area where there are termites.

• Garlic is one of the plants that can produce a pungent odor that termites don’t like, so once you spray the liquid, the termites will go away on their own.

2. Rice Wash Water

After you wash the rice before cooking and consuming it, make sure you don’t throw away the rice washing water immediately. Rice soaking water is also proven to be effective in dealing with the problem of termites in your home. The method is also quite easy, namely just by spraying rice washing water into areas that are often passed by termites.

3. Salt Water Solution

You can also use this kitchen spice as a natural termite repellent. The method is the same as when making onion water and rice washing water. After that, spray it on the place where there are termites and the termites will die immediately after being sprayed with salt water.

4. Bay leaf

The next kitchen ingredient that you should try is bay leaf. This one leaf is one of the mandatory kitchen spices that is also often used to improve the taste of food. In addition, sprinkling bay leaves where termites are located can also help eradicate termites because of the pungent odor of bay leaves which termites dislike.