After being tired of dealing with routines outside the home, it seems that the moment of taking a bath can be a place of short relaxation that is refreshing and also calms the heart. In order to meet the needs of comfort and bathroom aesthetics, nowadays many people are starting to like the use of bathtubs. Not only in hotel rooms or villas, many private homes are now using bathtubs. The variety of bathtubs that are quite a lot can make you as a home owner feel confused. Not infrequently, many people use interior design services to help the selection process to the installation of a bathtub. The following are tips for Choosing a Bathtub

1. Choosing the Right Bathtub Material

Before buying, make sure you choose the right bathtub material. Generally, there are 3 types of materials used as bathtub materials, namely acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain. Of course, these three types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Fiberglass is a type of material that is quite popular, especially in the type of drop-in tubs that are cheap but have good durability. Acrylic has a good insulator to keep the water warm so it lasts longer, is stronger, doesn’t get dirty easily, and tends to be easier to care for. For porcelain material, the advantages are almost the same as acrylic, it’s just that it will be difficult to repair if it is damaged.

2. Be Careful in Finding Information About Prices and Installation Fees

Want to install a bathtub but a limited budget? So the best step is to be more careful in finding information about the price of a bathtub complete with installation costs as well. Especially if the bathtub installation process requires bathroom renovation. The price offered usually depends on the size, material, and features of the bathtub. It is better to anticipate by doing as much price research as possible before buying and installing a bathtub.

3. Adjusting the size of the bathtub with the size of the bathroom

Tips on choosing a bathtub for the third home bathroom is to adjust the size of the bathtub to the bathroom area. In addition to the convenience factor, the size of the bathtub that fits the bathroom area can also save excessive renovation costs. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional room interior design service to minimize calculation errors when choosing the size of the bathtub that is adjusted to the bathroom area of a little friend’s house.

4. Sorting out the modern features of the bathtub

The various modern features of today’s bathtub products are very easy for us to meet. Thanks to sophisticated modern technology, bathtubs are equipped with advanced features which are usually represented by buttons located on the sides of the bathtub. The function of these advanced features can certainly increase the comfort colleagues when soaking in the bathroom at home. Make sure to select the modern features that suit your needs and wants so that all can function effectively.

5. Determine the depth of the bathtub according to your needs

Determining the depth that suits your needs is tips for choosing a bathtub for the bathroom. Of course, the depth of the bathtub chosen can affect the comfort of a little friend while bathing. The deeper the bathtub, the more water needs to be provided. For example, the depth of a European-style bathtub is around 45cm, while a Japanese-style bathtub usually has a depth of about 50cm. The depth of the bathtub can be adjusted according to the needs and wishes.

6. Pay attention to the pattern, color, and design of the bathtub

You also need to pay attention to the style, color and design of the bathtub that will be selected and installed in the bathroom of the house. In addition to comfort, of course, the bathtub also has an aesthetic function that is no less important to note. If you feel unsure, Alit friends can also consult professional interior design services who will definitely help the process of choosing a bathtub with patterns, colors, and designs that match the feel of the house, especially in the bathroom. Apply these tips for choosing a bathtub so that the aesthetics of the bathroom looks more optimal. Some of the elite may think that the bathtub is not a mandatory bathroom fixture. However, if you have a fairly spacious bathroom, then it doesn’t hurt to consider using this bathtub. The benefits of the bathtub are not only as a place to soak, but also relax the mind and energy, and create a more elegant bathroom atmosphere.