4 Steps to Clean Your Home Quickly and Effectively

4 Steps to Clean Your Home Quickly and Effectively

Every day, the number of positive patients with COVID-19 continues to grow. Likewise with the death rate which continues to increase. Preventing transmission by physical distancing and adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle are the most effective ways. But not only maintaining body hygiene, cleaning the house is also important.

Cleaning the house is often seen as an unproductive activity. In fact, keeping the house clean is clearly very good at protecting yourself and your family from dangerous viruses. But so that the house cleaning job can be done effectively, here are the steps.

Prepare All Equipment Needed

Before starting to clean the house, prepare all the equipment you need. If you want to clean the floor of the house thoroughly, what you have to prepare is a broom, mop and antiseptic cleaner. But if you also want to clean your glass windows, don’t forget to prepare a rag or glass cleaner.

Using the right equipment for cleaning the house will help make the job easier. But don’t just focus on cleaning dust, make sure you also clean up germs and viruses that stick with it. That’s why you need to prepare an antiseptic cleanser.

Starting from the most messy room

You can indeed start cleaning from a room that is not too dirty. But if the goal is really to clean the residence from the threat of the corona virus, of course it would be better to start from the dirtiest room. It is in a place like this that the germs and viruses are fertile.

Also consider whether the room is often traversed or often becomes a gathering place for residents of the house. Places like this need to be prioritized, because if the hygiene is not properly maintained, the risk of spreading the virus will be even higher.

Don’t Postpone Work

It’s easy to put off work. Even though it’s just cleaning the house, feeling lazy sometimes makes some people reluctant to clean their residence. Habits like this should obviously be avoided. Remember, delaying cleaning the house is tantamount to letting the virus stay in the house longer.

If the corona virus is so contagious that it remains for a long time, you can imagine how high the risk of the virus is transmitted to yourself and your family. When I thought about cleaning the house, I was executed immediately. Don’t delay even if it’s just a few hours. When you put off work, the temptation to delay longer usually grows.

Don’t Stack Up Stuff

Maybe this sounds trivial. Even though it’s just piling up stuff, this can become a problem if it becomes a habit. Especially if what is being stacked is dirty clothes. If it has become a habit, you can be sure that the pile will continue to grow until it is mounting. Every time there is a pile of items, try to tidy it up immediately.

Do not get between clean clothes and dirty clothes just because they are piles. Separate items according to type. Apart from being tidier, avoiding piles of items also helps suppress the spread of dangerous viruses.

Periods of physical distancing can indeed make some people feel too late to be tempted to go to public places. In fact, the more often you leave the house, the higher the risk of being infected with the corona virus. Instead of fixating on boredom, it would be better if you did more productive activities. Cleaning the house for example.

Cleaning the house actually has many benefits. Apart from cleaning the living area from dangerous dirt and viruses, cleaning activities also involve a lot of physical activity which is good for health. So besides making the house cleaner, the body will also be healthier.