6 Popular Home Designs Home, Really Artistic!

6 Popular Home Designs Home, Really Artistic!

We often find many unique and interesting home designs throughout the media, right? Starting from websites, magazines, television and others, we will be presented with various pictures of unique houses today and old. For those of you who want to build a house, you will definitely find it difficult to arrange a design for the house. This is of course for your comfort and personality as residents and home owners.
In the following, we will provide recommendations for house designs that are currently popular

1. Contemporary Homes

This contemporary style house carries a combination of 2 concepts, namely the present and the future. The style of this contemporary house has a special characteristic that lies in its color. Usually, contemporary homes use neutral colors, ranging from black, white and gray. Thanks to the colors that are not too flashy, you can combine them with various styles, such as modern contemporary, electric contemporary and many others.

2. Bohemian house

This one house style is often used by people who want a comfortable and artistic home. Bohemian itself has a meaning, someone who wants his home to be comfortable and artistic. Bohemian home styles usually give off a boho-chic impression. Chic-boho itself is by adding textiles, wood, animal skins, to metallic accents. If you want to apply this concept you need to apply a pattern of bright colors and creative patterns. The thing you need to pay attention to is to be careful in presenting this messy pattern.

3. Vintage homes

The style of this vintage house is inseparable from a floral pattern. Because this can make it look more ancient and timeless. Applying a vintage style is actually not as difficult as you think. You only need vintage-looking furniture, from cups, antique jars, wooden tables and more. For you lovers of classics and ancient things, this vintage-style house is perfect to apply. Besides that, you will also get the feel of the 70s. Decorate your home with wooden tables, vintage floral curtains and vintage wall clocks. There are 3 vintage designs that are commonly used, namely classic European, Western and Indonesian vintage.

4. Industrial Homes

This one design is mostly used in restaurants and cafes in Indonesia. The industrial style house carries the characteristic design that uses brick walls. In addition, the order of goods and property in it must also be neat. Not only that, if you want to apply industrial designs to your home, you also need weathered wood, concrete and steel to get the feel. This industrial-style house also usually carries unique and interesting lighting. So it’s no wonder that most industrial houses use hanging lamps.

5. Tropical House

This Tropical house style is very suitable for use in Indonesia, because Indonesia is indeed a tropical country. Tropical houses usually carry a natural impression, so it’s no wonder that there are lots of trees and several large windows so that air circulation can be maximized. Apart from that, you can also add some home furniture made of wood to this tropical style house.

6. Minimalist house

T, this minimalist house uses minimal furniture. Zen assumes that the less furniture in the house, a person’s life will be quieter. Therefore, the design of this minimalist house applies a minimum of colors, furniture and furnishings.
Those are 6 house styles that are currently popular in Indonesia. If you want to start building a house, you can use any material. Whether you use mild steel, wood, brick, brick, concrete tile or clay tile, it all returns to your own desires. So, which style will you apply to your home?