5 Best Home Design Styles 2021, Which One is Right for You?

5 Best Home Design Styles 2021, Which One is Right for You?

Every year, home design styles must experience developments in accordance with current trends. Like in 2021, many new design variations have emerged and are claimed to be a trend throughout the year. What are the best home design styles that will appear in 2021? Here’s the review:


The design style of this house is inspired by the models of the houses of the Eastern European or Scandinavian people. The highlight of Scandinavian design is minimalism and nature. The material used usually uses red bricks and flat wood to create a natural and more grounded impression.

Because it carries a minimalist concept, the Scandinavian house avoids striking colors. The colors chosen are soft colors and seem soothing. This color choice also applies to the colors of the furniture in the house.


Mediterranean-style houses were once popular in Indonesia in the 90s. However, it seems that in 2021, housing inspired by tropical homes is back in demand. Mediterranean designs are always said to be magnificent and able to show off an elegant impression. The Mediterranean style is also very suitable to be applied in tropical Indonesia.

When you are about to build a house with a Mediterranean character, there are several things that need to be considered. Important elements that must be present in a Mediterranean residence, such as the presence of a porch, pillars and columns, terraces, roofs with clay tiles, brick walls, and arch ornaments in house buildings.

Modern Glass House

A house with a lot of large glass with a low roof is one of the derivatives of a minimalist design, commonly known as the modern glass house style. Another feature of this model is that it accentuates the elegant and luxurious side, even though it is a minimalist building.

The impression of luxury is also shown by the use of wide glass and aluminum materials in front of the building. The architecture of the modern glass type house is also more or less inspired by the concept of contemporary-style buildings.

Garden House

Green, beautiful houses are also one of the trends in 2021. Garden-themed residences are becoming increasingly hit, especially for houses in urban areas. Garden houses are created to answer the needs of the community, especially urban areas, for a beautiful and relaxing residence.

In a garden house, the use of green plants, either hung or placed on the wall, is the main characteristic. If you are interested in building a house in the style of a garden house, you should look for a professional architect who is an expert in this field so that the design of your dream home can be applied properly.

Industrial House

In an industrial-style house, the thing that makes it different is the use of raw materials coupled with a variety of metal home furniture. The walls of the house are usually left without paint, showing rows of red coal to make it look distinctive and vintage.

The colors of the houses are also dominated by copper, gold, or silver. Initially, the model of this house was born from old buildings that were former industrial factories which were transformed into decent and comfortable residences. This modification then developed and became its own design style.

In addition to the 5 home design styles above, there are actually many more interesting home design ideas in 2021. Which home design style is your favorite?