The family room is the center of activity for family members. This is where you get together, tell stories, and have fun while relaxing after a day of activities. The family room is also usually used as a place to accommodate guests or large families that are not accommodated in the living room or other rooms.

With the number of activities in the family room, this space should get serious attention regarding its interior design. There are many interior design concepts that can be applied to your living room, ranging from Scandinavian, modern, classic, monochrome, or rustic. Whatever the interior design, make sure it can make you and your family comfortable in it.

One of the interior design concepts of the family room that is currently in great demand and applied by home owners is the open family room. The openly designed family room is believed to provide maximum comfort. The open family room also gives off a relaxed, casual impression, and is far from being stiff, so that activities with family are much more fun and open.

To make an open family room, you can actually use two ways, namely a family room that is designed to blend into other rooms without any insulation (open plan) or make it next to the outside of your home. Both are great ways to embody the comforts of an open living room.

Open Living Room Abundant of Light

One of the main advantages of having an open living room is the abundance of light coming from the windows. Like in this family room. With the presence of large windows without curtains or vertical blinds, the family room is always naturally bright without the need for additional lighting.

Flexible with Sliding Door

Inspiration for the design of an open family room can also be presented by bridging the family room with the outdoor or garden through a sliding door or transparent sliding door. This is to create the impression of an open family room that seems to blend into the garden. This family room design is ideal for those of you who have more land. The existence of a sliding door also makes the family room flexible, can be opened in the afternoon while enjoying the fresh air, and closed again when night falls.


You must agree that good air and light circulation can add comfort to the family room. You can get both if the family room is designed openly, especially next to a garden. As in the design of this open family room, which is adjacent to the back garden. Even though the garden looks small, this family room is quite perfect in terms of light and air.

Simple with White Domination

To create a comfortable open family room, it requires the right arrangement and decoration. One of them is by choosing the correct color. White never fails to create serenity in the space. You can apply this color in your family room. Although dominated by white, this family room is far from monotonous.

Wide View with Big Door

If you notice, this family room has a simple design and is small in size. However, it seems broad because it is designed openly. This simple family room looks as if it is united with the outdoor area, namely the dining area and the swimming pool. This is because there is a partition separating the two parts of the house which is designed to be wide open using a large sliding door. This door is also useful as a window and ventilation in an open family room. With a large door that is designed to be transparent, the family room looks spacious.

Beautiful View from Wide Window

The outdoor area of ​​the house or a very large yard will give a refreshing effect for you and your family who are gathered in the family room. Enjoying the morning sunshine and green grass behind the transparent window with a wide-designed glass material is sure to be very pleasant. Although the arrangement and design of the furniture used in this family room looks simple, everything seems to be stunning thanks to the view presented through the glass window.

Keep in mind the furniture design

Even though the view outside the family room is amazing, don’t ignore the elements that fill this family room, such as furniture. You should also keep your furniture design in mind so that you can provide comfort when sitting. One of the things you can choose from is a large 3-seat sofa with soft leather when you sit on it. This furniture can certainly make you and your family feel at home for long in the family room.

Adjacent to the Kitchen

As has been said above, that an open family room does not always have to be adjacent to the outside area. An open family room can also be designed to blend with other areas in the house, for example, with the kitchen. In the following inspiration, the living room and kitchen are separated by sliding flexible doors, which can be opened or closed. When opened, these two rooms look broad, right?

Strategies To Be Broad

For those of you who have a limited size occupancy, the open family room design is perfect for your home. For example, this one family room. Large glass windows are very suitable for use in small family rooms, as a link between the living room and the backyard. Unobstructed views will leave you and your family with the impression of space and relief.