Industrial interiors are generally applied to residences with a large size, but even for a room that is not so spacious, you can also apply this industrial bedroom design. The interior, which is identical to the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory, as well as iron and concrete materials, has a masculine and cold impression. Industrial design is not only suitable for living rooms and kitchens, but this industrial style can also be applied as a bedroom interior. Here’s an industrial bedroom interior design that you can try in your bedroom.

1. Industrial Bedroom Interior Dominate White Color

If in general, industrial bedroom interiors are dominated by gray or brown, this time the room design is dominated by white. Although different, the characteristics of the industrial interior still stand out. Starting from the exposed brick walls, to the spotlights above the bed lined up.

2. Interior with Exposed Brick Wall

This exposed brown brick wall gives a warm impression to an industrial style bedroom. There are not many decorations in the interior of this bedroom, there are only beds and mural decorations above the bed. Standing lamps that highlight points of interest on the wall add an industrial impression.

3. Modern Industrial Bedroom Interiors

The interior of the bedroom with an industrial style can also be combined with a modern style like the bedroom design above. The exposed walls of bricks arranged to match the color of the bed are unique in this room. The modern impression on the interior of this industrial bedroom is obtained from a simple carpet from curtains and a standing lamp.

4. Industrial Bedroom Interior with Various Decorations

The exposed brick walls and concrete floor in this bedroom interior look very comfortable for a young couple to live in. The interior atmosphere of this room is not too cold thanks to the various decorations. For example, a painting that is hung and placed on the floor side by side with a round lamp with a wooden frame. You can also replace the painting with a canvas poster or other favorite wall decoration.

5. Industrial Bedroom Interior with Wooden Bed

The interior of this industrial-style bedroom looks comfortable even though it’s only small. Exposed concrete walls and wooden floors are quite common in industrial bedroom designs in general. The uniqueness of this industrial bedroom lies precisely in its bed which is made of an asymmetrical arrangement of wooden pallets and carpets.