If you are one who invests through property, you must take care of the house as well as possible. The reason is, the condition of the house will greatly affect the value of the house. Even if you take care of the house properly, the value of the house will continue to rise significantly. Here are some tips on caring for your property so that the selling price continues to rise:

  1. Make sure the house in a safe condition

Regularly check the security conditions in the house and its surroundings. Start by checking the electrical installation and making sure all the cable connections are in good condition. Also check every installed door and window, replace it immediately if you find a lock that is almost broken.

  1. Create an Eco-Friendly Home Concept

The issue of global warming that is currently developing has triggered an increase in public interest in environmentally friendly homes. This certainly has a positive impact on you, because by applying this concept, you can speed up the process of selling a house while increasing its price. If on average a house can be sold within 120 days, then this green house concept can sell in just 90 days.

  1. Apply Wall Paint Regularly

The charm of wall paint has a big effect on the beauty of a private house. If the color of the walls of your house seems to be fading, it is certain that the attractiveness of the charm is decreasing. Likewise, the protection provided by paint on the walls will weaken. Before a more serious problem occurs, make sure you paint the walls of the house regularly, especially in the exterior area.

  1. Check Plumbing at Home

No less important, know the position of the plumbing in your home. Periodically check carefully to see if it remains in good condition. Do not let the pipeline leak, because if this happens it will cost quite a lot of repairs.

  1. Treat the Hardwood Floor

Currently, wooden floors are in great demand by the people of Indonesia. No doubt, many people install this type of floor to increase the attractiveness of a house. If you also do a similar trick, always take care of the floor to maintain its elegant charm. Make sure the floor is not covered with dust, scratches, and splashes of water if you don’t want the appearance to fade.