Minimalist house carries a flexible design to be built on narrow land or on large land. Now a minimalist house not only features a simple design, many provide a touch of luxury so that the appearance of the house is not monotonous. This is the inspiration for a luxurious and minimalist house.

Geometric Minimalist Luxury House

This minimalist luxury house has geometric shapes that are highlighted. So that it gives a distinctive impression of a very contemporary and unique design, plus this luxurious minimalist house dominates the white color of the building. In addition, the placement of lighting is arranged optimally so that a touch of luxury is more radiated. Those of you who want the minimalist luxury home design concept, can imitate it.

Open Minimalist Luxury House

For those of you who like the natural natural atmosphere, this modern minimalist luxury house presents a unique impression by being dominated by open spaces without partitions so as to maximize air and light circulation properly. In addition, this minimalist luxury house is equipped with a number of plants so that the residence looks more natural, healthy and provides comfort. There is a seating area outside which can be used to relax for a while.

Minimalist Luxury House European Concept

Now this modern minimalist luxury house with European style is increasingly popular. If the European concept house is synonymous with high pillars that support the building, but in a minimalist luxury house this European concept emphasizes more on the doors, windows and certain other parts. This minimalist house with European style has an open floor concept and is located on two floors.

Split Level Minimalist Luxury House

This minimalist luxury house has a split level concept. This concept makes the house look dynamic. In addition, it has two levels and makes the layout more neat and visible from the outside. The height of this split-level minimalist luxury house also makes the appearance of the house seem more magnificent and spacious. Moreover, those of you who want to have a different home concept, can adopt the concept.

Minimalist Luxury House with Wood

Wood material is currently popularly used in minimalist luxury homes. Even though it is made of wood, it has a much more expensive selling value than the usual minimalist house. Wood material gives a graceful look to the house. Although the classic style with this design is precisely what makes this type of wooden house very much sought after and loved by nature lovers.