Choosing a wall color for the exterior design of the house is also very important for you. And actually there are some of the best color choices that can be an option for designing the exterior of your minimalist home. Maybe some of the following color choices can be interesting ideas and inspiration. Now you don’t have to be confused anymore to design a minimalist home exterior design with what color choices. The most important thing is to choose something natural and not too much but also not too calm. Some of the most appropriate color choices for minimalist home exterior designs include:

Neutral cream

The color for the first minimalist home exterior design is a neutral cream color. This color is often chosen because it is not so flashy so that it will also give a softer impression on the exterior appearance. For the basic color itself, in giving siding colors it will affect the overall appearance of the outside of the house. Don’t forget to adjust the color of the walls with the roof of the house so that the impression is more harmonious.


The color for the second minimalist home exterior design is orange. For those of you who have a minimalist home, don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors. One color that you can try is orange. You can also use splash orange or spice orange because the color will be very sharp and beautiful for your minimalist home exterior design. The exterior walls of your home will also be brighter without being too overwhelming. This color is also very suitable when combined with the go green theme for a minimalist kitchen interior design.


The color for the third minimalist home exterior design is blue. If the minimalist house paint color that you want to be the color on the exterior of the house is a cool and calm color, then blue can be an option. According to some studies, this blue color can have a relaxing effect on anyone who looks at it. That’s why you can use blue as well. One of them you can use blue sapphire blue which is also combined with blue waves.


The color for the fourth minimalist home exterior design is white. This one color is neutral and actually goes with just about anything. The white color is also very suitable to be used as an exterior design idea for your minimalist home. The impression is very natural and you can also combine it with any color. Combined with gray or natural stone is also very impressive.