Decoration is something that is used to beautify or beautify a building so that it is pleasing to the eye. By decorating your own home, you will be able to create a comfortable atmosphere and even make it look bigger. It can adjust to what you want, adjust the atmosphere according to yourself. You need to know, actually a comfortable house does not always have to be filled with a lot of furniture at an expensive price. You only need to decorate a simple house that is able to create high-value art so that it is comfortable to look at. The following are tips for decorating a minimalist home:

Use a bright wall color

Choosing the color of the room is one part of creating a comfortable atmosphere. Changing the color of the walls with bright colors is one of the things that makes home decor seem simpler. This can create a comfortable atmosphere and have the effect of a larger room. Don’t use too many different colors in one room, at least you only need to use 2 colors. Examples of bright colors that you can use are white, cream, light yellow, or light blue. Or you can combine it if you choose 2 colors in 1 room, for example white and gray, white and light blue, or it can be green and light green.

Use small furniture

Utilize space as efficiently as possible in order to leave empty space as a focal point. By using this small furniture, you will get a lot of empty space so it is not too full to look at. You can adjust it to the size of the room, for example, the living room can be filled with a minimalist sofa and table. Make sure the furniture you use matches or matches the design of your room

Use patterned rugs

Tired of the floor or plinth you see today. The solution is to use a carpet that has a motif that matches your design. You can choose a carpet to decorate the base of the room to make it look more comfortable. Choose a large patterned rug to create the impression of a spacious room and choose a soft rug.

Take advantage of the large mirror

The mirror is one part that can create the illusion that the room seems to have a size twice as large as before. You don’t need to be confused about where to put the mirror, because it’s enough to display it by hanging it on the wall or placing it on a table, or you can display it perpendicular to the corner of the wall. But you need to be careful to put the mirror. If you have children, display the mirror in a location that is not easily accessible to children to avoid accidents.

Use a minimalist wall wallpaper

Wall wallpaper is one that makes the walls look more patterned. If you don’t like a flat room, then the solution is to put wallpaper on the walls so that the room has a little motif. Choose a simple wall wallpaper motif, for example, a floral motif for women who like flowers, a transportation motif if you like or maybe work in the transportation sector, a cartoon motif if you have children.