The fence is part of the house whose job is to limit privacy and efforts to maintain security. Installing a fence at home can minimize theft.

Whether used as a marker for the boundaries of the house or protecting the house, the fence turns out to be able to provide its own decorative ornament for your home.

Here are some fence designs that can be a reference for you.

For those of you who own a minimalist home in the form of a cluster, this type of fence can be multifunctional, as a marker for the cluster boundaries and as a decoration of your yard.

The most commonly used hedges are the tea-tehan and short stringed ashoka plants. Both types of plants are easy to grow and are not difficult to care for and easy to shape.

Sliding iron fence

In urban areas, sliding fences are often used in houses that tend to be large and have a large enough yard. The use of iron material is not necessarily only designed like small bars, sometimes giving motifs such as flowers to the arrow cone at the top can also be an interesting fence decoration.

The sliding method is also quite popular, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. And now modifications using sensors or remote are mostly used on this fence.

Folding iron fence

As is often used in traditional garages, folding iron fences are also widely used for urban communities. Usually fences like this still use mica to cover the gaps in the fence so that it gives the impression of being closed on the terrace of the house.

Classic wooden fence

This fence made of wood is a type of fence that is widely used in classic and Mediterranean-style homes.

The wooden fence also becomes a distinctive decoration like the Asian style when combined with large walls. You must have seen a wooden fence attached to a Japanese-style house, right?

Fences lined

Wooden fences are popular in the west, especially those that are often seen to limit the large yard of a house (many are found in country and country houses located in America). Usually white or bright soft colors.