Currently, industrial house designs are in great demand. Industrial-style design trends are not only applied to residential buildings. Now there are many cafes and restaurants that carry this industrial-style concept. The concept of an industrial-style house or building is indeed identical to the interior and industrial atmosphere in the 19th century.

Usually people who choose to use industrial concepts in their homes. Tend to have a bold, assertive character, and like different things. Maybe one of them is you at home. If you intend to carry the industrial concept at home, here are some inspirations.

Industrial Home Design Inspiration

Highlight the Firm and Masculine Side

Industrial house designs generally put forward a firm and masculine impression. Therefore, the concept of an industrial-style house is very suitable for people who have a firm and courageous character. Generally, lovers of industrial-style houses are dominated by men. The use of dark colors is synonymous with industrial style.

The use of rough materials that are intentionally not finished perfectly is also a hallmark of industrial-style homes. As in the arrangement of bricks on the walls that are deliberately not painted and left visible. The use of wood that is left with its original color is also one of its characteristics.

Combined with Vintage Style Materials

In industrial home designs, you don’t always have to use industrial-style materials. You can also combine it with other materials. One of them with vintage-style materials. One of them is the use of ancient floors and other vintage-style furniture.

Kitchen Roof with Industrial Style

In addition to the walls, the roof also needs attention. You can add natural lighting on the kitchen roof. The roof is made of wood and transparent glass which makes it easy for light to enter. So you don’t have to bother turning on the lights when cooking in the kitchen. You can also add industrial-style furniture there. Such as the use of wooden tables that are not perfectly finished and chairs with iron frames.

Using Cement Walls and Floors

Apart from the brick walls that are left visible. Industrial house designs also usually apply a wall style that is left without paint, only in the form of fine gray cement. So that the room doesn’t seem too dark, you can use white wall paint on other parts of the wall. That way the gloomy impression of the room will disappear.

In addition to cement walls, you can also apply a finely wiped cement floor. In addition to being more efficient, the use of cement floors is also very easy to work with. Even though it looks stiff you can sweeten it by adding some decorations. Like a wooden shelf with ornamental plants on it. Or industrial-style shelves to put displays.

Use of Industrial Style Stairs

In the design of an industrial house consisting of two floors. Stairs are an important element that must exist. In the concept of an industrial-style house, stairs are usually made of iron which is painted in black. There is also a combination of iron and wood as the material. Iron material is used to make the ladder frame and wooden planks are used for footrests. The handrail on the edge of the stairs is also made of iron which is elongated and looks very simple.

Those are some industrial home design inspirations that you can sample at home. Having an attractive home is everyone’s dream. But a healthy home is the main thing that you should put first.