Building the concept of a Modern Minimalist House, can be started by fulfilling several important elements. So that it is not only pleasing to the eye from the outside, but the house will also give the impression of being comfortable when you live in it. Having a comfortable home with a concept you’ve always wanted, can be everyone’s dream. There are many ways to present the concept of a comfortable home to live in after a day of activities. One, and the most popular is now a minimalist home design with a touch of dynamic modern style. This combination of concepts is realized from the combination of various needs in the midst of limited residential land in many big cities such as in Indonesia today. Proper arrangement and selection of ideal colors will support optimizing the use of home designs with this concept. The following are tips for optimizing a modern minimalist home design.

Optimizing Home Functions Within Limitations

Minimalist home designs are increasingly in demand as the limited land available in many places, especially big cities like Indonesia. Meanwhile, advances in construction technology make modern minimalist types increasingly in demand. Standing on limited land does not always make the house look simple and ordinary. With the right arrangement, the concept of the house will look fresh from the outside. And it also makes the broad limitations not felt when occupied.

Adjusting Furniture Height

The interior concept cannot be separated from the selection of the right furniture products. And this should also be anticipated when you use the concept of a Modern Minimalist House to make it feel effective and efficient, without reducing the nuances you are trying to build. In this case, choose furniture products with a minimalist height, aka low and slim. This concept can optimize the lighting factor and coca works of art displayed to support the interior feel. Meanwhile, furniture with a high structure can reduce the visual advantages that are trying to be displayed. Not only that, this also often makes the room feel very narrow, very contradictory when trying to build a broad feel in a minimalist home.

Monochrome and Bright Color Concept

The minimalist concept is often presented in many aspects, one of which is the use of interior paint decorations on the walls of the room that match the color of the furniture. In this case the use of muted colors or commonly known as simple monochrome. The problem is using neutral colors in every corner of the room will make the feel less good. Because this will cause boredom and a sense of discomfort when in the house. To fix this, let one side have bright lighting. Or if not possible, use ornaments with light colors, and place them in one corner of the room. This method is effective in refreshing and making the room more lively. In addition to painting elements with bright colors, you can also do this by placing bright colors on some of the furniture used. This method is as effective as installing a painting with a bright color to liven up the room.

Clean and Need Sufficient Light

The interior of the house becomes less comfortable to live in because of the cleanliness that is not maintained properly, especially for a long time. Therefore, this element is very important. Not only clean in the sense of being free of waste, the use of simple decorative furniture or ornaments is a balancing way to build a minimalist, clean, and comfortable concept. Including avoiding decoration with too many colors or striking shapes. Not only that, the need for sufficient lighting is very much needed for a modern minimalist concept. This method makes the house warmer, also supports every activity in the house more comfortable, without distractions.

Optimize Every Corner of the Room

The limited building area does not hinder the function in general, especially when you take the concept of a modern minimalist house. Without imposing too many ornaments, but you can use every corner of the room for the facilities you need. For example the corner under the stairs which is usually empty, you can use this section to place furniture, even a television table if the area is adequate. Some houses even use this corner as a storage shed. Besides being able to be used to decorate every corner of the house, this method can also be used to overcome the problem of limited space.

Open Floor

A room with an open floor will make a modern minimalist house feel spacious, and this method will make it easier for us to move around the house. This is closely related to the use of furniture with a structure that is not too high. This concept will change a limited room to look very spacious, and always comfortable for a long time. To make it happen, avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room, or if it has to be a table, or sofa. Leave open space. Use carpets and the like, so that the open floor can still be used for other activities, outside of using a sofa or chair. In fact, this method can help save the use of a large number of sofas or chairs.

Multipurpose room

The multi-purpose room will give you additional facilities, without having to waste space in the house. For example, the part of the warehouse that has open space you can still use as a prayer room for your house and the like. Almost similar to utilizing every corner of the house, a room with more than one facility will make it easier for you to carry out various activities. Whether formal needs, casual, or even resting at any time. To optimize this need, you can also use furniture that has more than one function. Like a sofa that can be used as a bed, a dining table that can be opened and closed, or the like.