Decorating a house is indeed the most fun activity when arranging a house, especially if we already have an idea about the appearance of the interior of the house. Decorating a house does not only aim to make the house look stylish and aesthetic. However, a well-decorated house can also display the personality of the owner of the house and bring out a certain atmosphere in the house. Although homeowners are free to decorate their homes in any style they want, there are some mistakes when decorating a home that make the interior of the house even more messy and unsightly. The following are some of the common mistakes made when decorating a house

Using too many colors

A colorful home interior is fun and can liven up the atmosphere of the house, but the presence of too many colors can make the room feel cluttered and crowded. The solution, you simply use one or two colors, then combine them with neutral colors as a counterweight. The interior of your home will also look comfortable and spacious.

Putting too many decorations

If you want to put a lot of decorations here and there. However, too many decorations in the room can give the impression of being claustrophobic and cluttered. So, you need to reduce the number of decorations in the house. Only use decorations that you like and are functional, so that the presence of decorations does not feel wasted in your home.

Hanging wall decorations carelessly

In addition to decorations that are placed and displayed on the table, decorations in the form of wall hangings can also give the impression of being messy if they are hung carelessly. Not only that, the walls of your house will feel crowded and make you uncomfortable. If you want to use several wall hangings, it’s a good idea to provide one side of the wall that is specifically used to display the decoration. In addition to beautifying the house, the presence of the wall can be an interesting accent in the room.

Prioritizing design over function

Sometimes, because they like cute-looking furniture or decorations, people buy them without a second thought. In fact, not necessarily furniture that looks cute will be comfortable to use. Decor that looks cute also does not guarantee its usefulness in the home. Preferably, before you buy furniture or decorations, you need to consider its needs and functions compared to design. The money and energy you spend will not be in vain.

Buy cheap furniture to save money

In order to save expenses, not a few people choose to buy cheap furniture with makeshift specifications. In fact, furniture like this tends not to last long. You also have to spend extra if the furniture is damaged and needs replacement as soon as possible. Therefore, avoid buying cheap furniture carelessly. It doesn’t mean you have to buy super expensive furniture, but buy the best quality furniture that fits your budget so that it can be an investment in the long term.