Do not take the wrong step in designing the garden according to your taste. The garden is one of the important designs that will affect your exterior design. Garden design inspiration will also be influenced by the selection of garden furniture, paving, plant lights, barriers, and other things. In addition, garden design ideas are very adapted to the trend of modern minimalist homes that have little open space. You have to think about what plants you will plant in your backyard. This condition must also pay attention to the availability of electricity, water, natural light, to artificial light. Then, whether the garden is just a decoration for the eyes, or you will plan to spend time sitting in the garden sipping tea or reading a book. Everything of course comes back to your own taste. Here is an idea to rearrange your boring backyard garden.

Make sure the lawn is available

The main foundation of the garden is a plain of land or a stretch of grass. The lawn will make your garden plan more beautiful. The shape can be rectangle, oval, circle, square, or square. Also prepare several places as a path for equipment such as cables, water lines, to the installation of garden lights.

Plan Your Planting

The best garden designs are usually formed from beautiful flower planting structures. Use evergreen shrubs at the end of each border and as punctuation marks along the way. Include small shrubs such as box balls, or large green plants, such as mahonia, for larger areas. Once you have this frame, fill in the gaps with beautiful flowering plants.

Interested in Planting Trees

Large trees can be a starting point for building the initial design of the garden. Trees block glare from the sun and can also be used as a place to hang shade sails, chairlifts, and hanging decorations. Trees are also useful for filtering out unattractive views outside the house or filtering out noise and airborne police if you live on the edge of a busy road.

Beautiful Paving

Paving will build the strength of the design you have planned. The color of the paving will significantly affect the landscape of the garden. Black paving will describe a modern garden. If you use gray, paving will make a garden look like a village garden. Meanwhile, if the paving is gold, the garden will look like an English countryside feel.

Selection of the Right Furniture

For smaller yards and patios, use simple furniture such as folding furniture or light furniture that can be moved. For chairs and tables in the garden, we recommend using furniture made of wood or iron. This is required in order to survive when the rain comes.

Watch Your Fence

In a small garden, the fence is the largest visible element, so it is very important to look good. The choice of fence color must match the dominant color of the garden design. They don’t have to be all the same but try to provide a visual link between them. You can have the same type of fence, for example, and climb it in a matching color. If you can’t replace the fence, coat or cover it with battens or trellis.