Entering the turn of the new year, usually this moment is dominated by predictions of new trends from various aspects. One of them is about home decoration. Just like fashion, things about housing or interior design also change over time. If in recent years the trend of home decor has been dominated by Scandinavian styles, in 2021 it is predicted that there will be some significant changes. Starting from the design, choice of colors, motifs, to decorations and home furnishings will have many new nuances. The following are home decorating trends that are predicted to be popular in 2021

Industrial style design

Industrial-style house designs have the potential to become a trend. This is in line with the activities that are now mostly done at home. Because there will be many people who want their homes to have enough space to work, play, but also still have a homey atmosphere. An industrial-style design that is synonymous with high ceilings, elements of wood, metal, raw walls, and a choice of neutral colors is considered suitable to present the impression of a comfortable and functional home in 2021.

All-green kitchen design

If throughout 2020 there are many kitchen designs that are dominated by white and brown, now the kitchen design trend in 2021 will be more inclined to choosing bright colors such as shades of green. Cabinet paint, ceramic walls, and green accessories are predicted to be an option throughout 2021. Green can give the impression of a warm and comfortable kitchen. Not only that, green is also suitable to be combined with various other colors, such as brown, white, to gray though.

Rattan furniture

Some of you, of course, have seen a lot throughout 2020 that rattan furniture with woven details is starting to be very popular. Furniture with this model will be one of the decorating trends in 2021. Furniture details such as rattan and wicker will become a trend. Materials made from natural materials like that can give the impression of being warm and not full of home decor.

Stylish & minimalist patterned fixtures

In line with the minimalist lifestyle trend that is currently popular, minimalist motifs will also be a lot of choice in 2021. As the name implies, this motif is very simple and can usually be found on bed linen, pillowcases, tablecloths, to carpets. Usually, this motif is only in the form of lines or boxes. Minimalist-style fixtures can be seen from the appearance of vintage tables with thin legs, stainless room lamps, to mirrors with thin frames. In addition to making the house more aesthetic, minimalist motifs and models can also give the impression of a wider and not full house.

Indoor plants

Actually, plants have been a complement to home decoration for a long time. But in the 2020 pandemic, indoor plants are becoming very popular. In addition to being a room sweetener, various indoor ornamental plants are believed to help relieve stress and improve the air in the room. So don’t be surprised if in 2021, indoor plants will still steal the show. Collecting a collection of indoor plants can benefit us in many ways. Starting from presenting an aesthetic impression in a room, getting positive health benefits, and helping maintain mental health.