Reading can be an interesting activity to fill spare time. In addition to increasing knowledge and opening insight, reading can also refresh the mind while providing a sense of calm. Having a private reading room is not something that must be in the house. For lovers of reading activities, having a personal library or a special room for reading can be a dream that has long been coveted. The right time, space, and emotion are the ideal combination to immediately immerse yourself in a book. However, creating a special room for reading books is often seen as a wasted space allocation. In fact, you can occupy any space to create a reading room.
Here are 6 ideas for remodeling a reading room as well as a bookshelf at home.

Pay attention to space

The most important thing for building a personal library is choosing a suitable space. We recommend that you choose a room that has a high ceiling roof and enough space to place a bookshelf. If there is no special room, you can renovate a little space in the corner to put a bookshelf.

Choose the appropriate shelf

You can choose various types of shelves to place in this library. For example, choosing a built in shelf that fits the shape of the room. You can also choose open shelves or shelves with sliding doors, it all depends on your choice. But you should have to adjust the design with other furniture in the room.

Selection of furniture colors and materials

For the color, you can choose the color you like. For example, by using bright colors that match your favorite color. You can also go for dark colors if you want a classic library feel. Wood material can also be used to get a rustic style.

Create a library style

A library style that can be applied in your reading room is to arrange books by subject or alphabetically. This can help you find the book you want. If you want a visual display, you can arrange the books based on the colors you have specified.

Use complementary furniture

You can also use a variety of complementary furniture. For example, you can place tables and chairs in a private library. You can also use sofas and carpets along with colorful pillows. This idea can make your personal reading room at home more comfortable.

Adjust lighting

As a place to read, lighting has become very important. You can place a reading lamp on a table or provide a small lamp on the bookshelf. This is very useful and can make it easier for you when you are looking for a book when you want to read at night.