There are several ways to make your dreams come true, one of which is by renovating a house. To keep the house you live in for a long time, it is very important to remodel and renovate the house. However, for home renovations sometimes you mess around for a long time. Because it is certain that you and your family will have to live in another house which will also be very troublesome. Here are short home renovation ideas during your vacation:

1. Floor Ceramic Renovation

Home Renovation

If you want to change the atmosphere during this short home renovation, you can change elements such as changing the floor tiles in your home. Renovate floor tiles in areas that are not too large in your home, such as a terrace or bathroom, to give a wider and more beautiful appearance. Try brown wood floor tiles which are warm and easy to clean.

2. Repaint Furniture and Replace Wall Tiles

Home renovation does not always take a long time. You can spend a short time on this vacation to repaint the furniture and walls of the house. How about changing the paint color of the storage shelves under the sink. You can also replace the tiles on the walls of the house to create a new atmosphere, especially in the bathroom area.

3. Color Touch and Living Room Rearrangement

Why not renovate your boring living room and change it up with a touch of color? If your living room looks unattractive because of the dull color of your sofa or old furniture, now is the time to change it, so that a dark sofa like this one becomes more lively. You can also change up the lighting by adding contrasting color wall shelves for a more modern feel. Friends can also consider replacing the living room floor tiles if needed.

4. Modern Country Style Bedroom

Good sleep quality is supported by many factors, one of which is the comfortable atmosphere of the bedroom. If you’re feeling bored and your bed is too dark, try a new style like modern country style. You can add two brass lamps on either side of the bed to meet your modern design needs. For windows, you can redecorate country-style windows by changing the color to turquoise or teal. To make your bedroom more comfortable and suitable as a place to rest, don’t forget to hang your favorite photos with matching pillows and bed sheets with different motifs.

5. Change the Color of Your Door

The first impression of your home is the door. If you are unable to completely change the door and if your door is still in good condition then you can repaint it. The door of the house can affect the lighting in your home room. For a dark room, no matter what color is used on the walls of your house, you can paint the ceiling the same color. You can repaint the door using a different shade according to the concentration of light in your home to optimize your home lighting the way you want.