Minimalist home have been found around us. Especially for those who are married and want to own a house soon. Minimalist house is indeed an option. The room is actually decorated as nicely as possible for shared comfort. The need for goods at home must also be considered so that they don’t seem to be piling up. Here’s how to maximize a minimalist home to make it look wider:

1. Decluttering and Organizing

If you often hear grouping things at home, this is the stage to do it. Sort and separate items as needed. You can use special items for organizing, such as large boxes, to put items according to the labels. You can also make labels as you wish. This is done so that the room looks neater and more comfortable to look at. What’s more, you don’t have to bother looking for things. Just by looking at the label that was made, you can take it back.

2. Open Space

The open space trend is the choice of many people who have minimalist homes. You can unite the dining room and family or guest room. You can also not put too much furniture in the family room to create a feeling of spaciousness, even though the room is narrow.

3. Togetherness in a Room

When you’re in a room, especially at home, it’s important to have a safe atmosphere, and a sense of community. To create a sense of togetherness, you can start by selecting the optimal furniture and decorations. For example, a wardrobe that can be used for 2 people in the house.

4. Color Match

To create a broad impression in a minimalist home, you must apply the appropriate color selection. Dark colors give a narrow impression to a minimalist room. If you are a fan of dark colors, you can use dark colors on just one wall.