Buying and selling property should not be arbitrary, especially for beginners. Although it is quite profitable, this type of business also has its own risks. It is common knowledge, the property business is one of the most profitable business models. In addition to the price that never goes down, the property is also never empty of enthusiasts. However, property itself is classified as a non-liquid asset, so the object of investment (in this case property) is very difficult to trade. The following are tips for buying and selling property for beginners

1. Pay attention to the Property Legality Documents

Before buying and selling property, it is important to pay attention to the completeness of the documentation. This is done to avoid fraud and conflicts in the future. By looking at the completeness of the documentation, we can find out the ownership status of the property. Don’t let you sell/buy bank confiscated properties.

2. Avoid Underhand Transactions

Never make a sale and purchase transaction under the hand. In addition to being very risky, underhand transactions (illegal) have the potential to abort the sale and purchase contract. To avoid conflicts and risks that occur in the future, make transactions directly before a notary. If it is related to a bank, invite the bank when the sale and purchase transaction is carried out.

3. Pay attention to the location and environment of the property

Don’t forget to pay attention to the location and environment around the property before buying/selling it. This one factor is very important, because it relates to the interest of the prospective buyer/seller. Most property buyers are reluctant to buy houses in flooded areas. Others consider access and public facilities available around the property’s location. Know this information before you sell/buy property. Highlight interesting things that can be used as selling points, as much as possible fix the factors that are considered to be shortcomings.

4. Take advantage of your social network

In buying and selling property, our social network plays a big role in the success of the business. So, it is important to make the most of these channels. Try asking relatives, whether there is a property they want to sell or not. If there is, don’t hesitate to offer yourself, to help sell the property. Likewise, when you want to buy property, by asking the people closest to you, your potential to get the best property is wide open.

5. Learn Business and Marketing Basics

The last tip for buying and selling property is to learn the basics of business and marketing. Of course, this knowledge is needed to support the success of the business. Not only that, knowledge of the property world also needs to be mastered. This is intended so that potential buyers/sellers of property do not doubt your abilities.