There are times when a house needs to be renovated. Especially the old house which is already having some problems and needs to be repaired. However, repairing and renovating houses at the same time requires special financing and careful planning. Planning is an important stage because if you focus wrongly, your money might run out without getting the best renovation results and not getting the results you want. In renovating old houses to be more modern, minimalist style is the most sought after. This minimalist style will make it easier for you in planning and financing because you may only need a few points to change. Before starting the renovation, here is what is needed in renovating an old house so that it is minimalist:

Check the condition of the building in detail and thoroughly

The main thing before doing a renovation, it is certain that you have to do a thorough inspection of the condition of the building. For example, check the floor, walls, and most importantly, the pillars that make the house look old and old. If it is damaged, then this damage must be repaired first. Repair as necessary, but if it is badly damaged, it will inevitably have to be repaired as a whole.

Looks new with changing room function

After reviewing the condition of the room, you can start designing the old house by changing the function of the room. If previously there was only a very large family room, you can divide it and create a new room. This method is intended so that the characteristics of an old house, which are usually spacious, can be maximized with creativity. Divide some of the existing rooms with other functions according to your wishes. For example, you can add a bedroom or workspace in a large part of the living room.

Update the walls by repainting or wallpapering

A minimalist house actually doesn’t need a lot of colors and accents to make it more beautiful. You can simply update the wall paint color, or by installing wallpaper. Making a house in a minimalist style can also be done by making exposed brick walls that are painted white or left beautifully. If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing room you can make it in the Scandinavian style. Namely by choosing paint with a white shade and giving contemporary minimalist displays. Give curtains to limit the room, and choose pastel colors as a match for the walls that have been painted white.

Replace the floor with ceramic or granite of your choice

To help you choose the right floor for a minimalist style, you can use natural stone motifs such as marble and granite. But the drawback is that this ceramic is more expensive, so you have to spend a deeper pocket. For maximum results, use a large ceramic tile size so that your home gets a minimalist style look.

Update home furniture, especially on cabinets and sofas

One of the things that makes the house look old school is because the contents of the furniture still use the old model or the color is outdated. To outsmart it, you can repair it or replace it with a new one. If you choose to buy new, then you can look for references in advance what kind of minimalist style you like. After that you can do the furnishing in a modern minimalist style with supporting ornaments such as sofas, sofa cushions, paintings or pop art displays. If you just want to fix it, you can repaint furniture such as cabinets, kitchen sets, tables, or other furniture that can indeed be repainted.

Come or contact a building shop you trust

You can plan the renovation of this old house well in advance of six months. This time will be enough for planning such as design drawings, choosing furniture, ceramics, and the craftsman or contractor that you will use to renovate the house. Up to two months before you start, you can start buying these items and contact a handyman or contractor.