If you are bored with the look of the kitchen that is just like that, you can decorate the appearance of the kitchen as you wish. The method is also quite easy. You don’t need to remodel everything, just rearrange the appearance of the kitchen to make it look like new. Some of these minimalist kitchen design ideas you can try. You only need to give an additional touch to the important elements in the kitchen such as tiles, wall paint, lighting and others. The following are tips for decorating the appearance of a minimalist kitchen:

Play with tiles and backsplash

Tiles are one of the important elements in the kitchen. Besides that, pay attention to the backsplash on the upper and lower cabinet areas. The use of tiles around the backsplash is very important because it serves to protect the kitchen walls from splashes of water, oil or other dirt. You can change the color of the tiles according to your taste, or you can add accents around the backsplash to make it look good.

Use bright colors

Interior design that uses bright colors can make the room feel fresher and make your mood better, so that cooking activities in the kitchen will feel more fun. A touch of bright colors can also make the atmosphere more cheerful. For that, you don’t need to hesitate to use yellow for a table or cupboard in the kitchen.

Add your favorite signature touch to your kitchen decor

Room decorations in the house can reflect the character of the owner. Of course, this also applies to your favorite room, including the kitchen area. Although the elements in the kitchen are almost the same as most people, the characteristics of the design will definitely be different from each other. You can add decorative decorations such as paintings or photos to display in the kitchen area. You can also beautify the appearance of your kitchen by displaying a vase filled with various favorite flowers. Pour ideas or characteristics according to your taste to decorate the appearance of the kitchen.

Pay attention to lighting and air circulation

Air circulation in the kitchen area is very important so that your kitchen is not stuffy or smelly. For that make adequate air ventilation around the kitchen area. Also pay attention to the lighting technique. You need sufficient lighting when doing cooking activities in the kitchen.

Add some greenery

Plants make the kitchen atmosphere feel fresh and cool. In addition, green plants can also add an artistic impression and also liven up the atmosphere of the room. You can put some herbs or rhizomes near the kitchen window. But if your kitchen doesn’t have a large area, you can choose to use hanging pots.