Everyone certainly has different modern house design criteria. Especially for millennials, they have certain dream house criteria that can represent their ideals in owning a house. This can be seen through the trends and behaviors of the millennial generation. This generation has the desire to explore their homes to make them look modern and minimalist. For millennials who are looking for modern home designs, here are modern home design inspirations that are suitable for you:

1. Carrying a Minimalist Theme

The most ideal dream home design is a simple minimalist theme. Millennials don’t like things that are too much. Millennials’ dream home designs prioritize value or aesthetics. By carrying out the concept of a smart and modern home, it is an added value for them.

2. A Blend of Modern and Vintage Concepts

The popular modern home design trend is a combination of two concepts. This trend is known as mid-century modern or modern vintage. The interior style of this house design combines modern concepts with ancient nuances. For example, furniture, materials, designs, to knick-knacks.

3. Millennial Style Interior Color Trends

Color also determines the millennial dream home design. Although neutral colors are still often used, millennials are now starting to like colors that are anti-mainstream. To match the color trend, the millennial dream house design uses the main colors, ranging from dark colors that look elegant, to beautiful pastel colors. Not only millennials, everyone also likes the color choices of this house design.

4. Adopting Smart Home Technology

The design of the house already uses the most up-to-date technology. Modern technology such as temperature control, electronic devices, energy savers, alarm systems, to the use of LED lights are features that are included in the millennial dream home design list. Technology that is considered practical, will be considered by millennials.

5. Cozy and Cool

One of the things that millennials like in their dream home design are ornamental plants. They realize the importance of the need for a healthy and fresh home. Therefore, millennials love to collect small ornamental plants to green plants of various sizes. Certainly, plants that can be cared for at home.

6. Open Kitchen Concept

Millennials don’t like to gather in the kitchen or dining room. However, they want to have a dream home design with a simple kitchen set. The open kitchen concept is the mainstay of the dream home design favored by millennials. After knowing the modern home designs above, millennials have indeed proven to like simple and minimalist home designs.