5 Types of curtains that you can adjust to the type of room

5 Types of curtains that you can adjust to the type of room

Who says curtains only serve to cover windows from sunlight, it turns out that their existence makes the house look more beautiful. Actually choosing the right type of window curtain is not too difficult, as long as you know the various types of curtains on the market. Because not all types of curtains are suitable for all rooms. Well, this certainly makes it easier to align the window curtains with the style of the room in your home. Before buying, you need to know the following 5 types of window curtains that have been summarized by us

Window blinds

For the first window type, namely blinds or blinds. Usually you will find curtains like this in an office room. However, the installation is not only for the workspace. Curtains type blinds are also suitable for use in the house.

In general, this curtain material is made of canvas, calico, and so on.While the blinds themselves have two kinds, namely roller blinds that can be rolled using a rod on the edge of the window and there are also roman blinds which when pulled will form beautiful folds. In addition there are vertical and horizontal blinds, in which the window opens by flattening the slats both vertically and horizontally.

Cascades type window curtains

When determining a home design, definitely one of them is choosing window curtains. You can use the type of cascades window curtains in the room of your house. Type cascades will dangle on both sides of the window. These cascades curtains have quite a variety of variations, where the type of curtains is the same length or length on one side only. Usually the top of the cascades is wavy and forms a semicircle, so the shape is very elegant and you can install it in the bedroom.

Draperies type window curtains

Different from the type of cascades, the draperies curtain model is one of the most decorative window curtains. Draperies have beautiful motifs and colors. In addition, the installation of draperies also features a simpler window with a wavy surface and hangs the same length. Although draperies come in many different colors, the material is quite heavy because it contains acrylic material in the folds. So this type of curtain will make the room feel warmer, able to reduce sound and block incoming light. Usually it is very suitable to be installed for homes that have a music room or band studio.

Eyelet type window curtains

It turns out that choosing bedroom curtains cannot be arbitrary if you don’t know the type. The existence of the curtain itself is a decoration element to complement the room decoration which serves to protect the bedroom window throughout the day. The next type of curtain is eyelet. At the top of this model of window curtains, there are iron rings as a place to hang on the window rod. The existence of the ring is to make it easier for someone to shift the curtains. Eyelet curtains are usually made of lightweight fabrics or curtains that are not too heavy. In addition, eyelet curtains have a fairly simple and more modern design, making them more suitable for a minimalist-style bedroom or installed in a family room.

Sheer type window curtains

If you want a little privacy but sunlight or street lights can still enter through the window, then sheer type window curtains can be used. Where this type of curtain is only limited to coating, that’s why the material is thinner than other types. In general, sheer curtain color choices are only plain white or use a certain motif from voile material. The use of this type of curtains is suitable as a coating for other types of window curtains and is suitable for installation in all rooms. Now you are familiar with 5 types of window curtains, so you don’t need to be confused anymore. But make sure to choose good quality window curtains, yes.