5 Basic Elements of Home Exterior Design You Must Know!

5 Basic Elements of Home Exterior Design You Must Know!

Having a comfortable home must be the dream of many people. One way is to apply the desired design and decorate it as comfortably as possible.

Not only in the interior of the room, home decoration also needs to be done on the exterior of the house.

A house with a good exterior will certainly give a good impression from those who see it.

To create an attractive and comfortable home exterior design, it turns out that it has several basic elements that must be considered!

Then, what are the basic elements of home exterior design? Check out the reviews below!

Home Garden

Having a front yard is often an interesting thing for the exterior appearance of the house.

But did you know that the front garden of the house must have an attractive design?

One way is to decorate the exterior of the house by adding various ornamental plants, fish ponds, trees to natural stone decorations.

If you have limited land for your front yard, you can take advantage of it by filling the land with various decorative natural stones in white for a minimalist home look.

The designs that can be applied to the front garden of the house by paying attention to the position of the garden spotlights for a modern home style look.


In addition to functioning as home safety, the house fence also has a function to enhance the exterior design of the house.

You can apply a house fence that is tailored to the desired residential concept.

If you want to have a natural touch, you can use wood as a fence.

But if you want a modern minimalist home exterior look, you can apply a neutral colored iron fence like black and white.

Roof Selection

Who would have thought that choosing a roof could be an important design for the exterior of your home?

Yes, you can choose various types of roofs to carry the desired home design.

You can choose the type of roof according to the shape, color to the desired material.

For a minimalist and contemporary look, you can use a type of cast concrete roof for the appearance of a flat roof.

If you want a roof that is widely used in modern home styles, you can use a ceramic roof or a clay roof type, by choosing a color that matches the combination of the house paint walls.

Functional Window

Windows are one of the building specifications that must be in the house.

Besides having a function for good air circulation, house windows can provide natural lighting into the house.

However, the increasingly diverse home appearance styles also provide many choices for window model designs.

You can choose windows as a home exterior design for a modern and eye catching home look.

You can choose a variety of window designs such as large windows, round windows and even custom windows according to the theme of the house you want to display.

Make sure you put the window according to the right size and location, yes.

If you find it difficult for this, you can contact a team of architects to help design the exterior of the house.

House Paint Color Combination

The last element of the house’s exterior design is the combination of house paint colors.

You can apply a combination of various house paints for the desired home look.

Usually, if you want to apply a minimalist home design style, the wall paint colors that are applied are neutral colors and tend to be cool, such as white, gray, brown, cream to sky blue.

However, if you want a house with warm and comfortable colors, you can choose wood brown, dark gray, brick red to salmon colors.

On the other hand, to bring the house with a fun and cheerful impression, you can choose bright and pastel colors.

However, you can choose a variety of house paint color combinations to carry the exterior design of the house you want.

We recommend that you do the first thing before choosing a house paint color combination, you choose one main color which will later become the shade combination to be used as the color of door frames, windows and so on.

Well, interesting, right? Those are the 5 basic elements of home exterior design that you can apply to make your home look attractive.