5 Ways to Clean Your Home Ceiling and Get Rid of Stains

5 Ways to Clean Your Home Ceiling and Get Rid of Stains

One part of the house that is rarely cleaned is the ceiling. In fact, the ceiling must always be cleaned so that the house always looks beautiful. Come on, starting from now on by following how to clean the ceiling of the house below! When cleaning the house, many people only clean the floor and furniture, sometimes they don’t clean the ceiling.

Even though the ceiling is one part of the house that is often exposed to dust and gets dirty easily, many people are lazy to clean the ceiling because it is far away and it is difficult to clean. This makes the stain stick to the ceiling and gives the house a dirty look. Come on, fix this by following the method of cleaning the ceiling of the house below!

1. Know the Type of Home Ceiling

The first step that must be done before starting to clean the ceiling is knowing which type of ceiling you use in your home. Each ceiling material, such as wood, gypsum, plywood, and other materials, requires special care and varies from one another. Know in advance what kind of maintenance you should do on the type of ceiling in your house before starting to clean so that the ceiling is not easily damaged.

2. Clean the Light Dirt on the Ceiling

cleaning the ceiling of the house using a broom There are various types of dirt that you can find on the ceiling, ranging from light dirt to clean dirt that is difficult to clean. To simplify the cleaning process, you can start cleaning light soils first. Dirt that is easy to clean includes dust or cobwebs.

3. Using Cleaning Tools to Clean the Ceiling of the House

To clean a high ceiling, of course you need the help of a cleaning tool. One of the cleaning tools you can easily find at home is a broom handle. Glue the cloth or foam to the end of the broom handle and connect the two using rubber or raffia tightly. After the cleaning tool has been made, all you have to do is clean the ceiling of the house that looks dirty using this tool.

4. Using Additional Tools

Some of the dirt on the ceiling is quite difficult to clean using a cloth or foam alone. The excrement is like moldy ceiling or animal dung. If there is dirt like this on the ceiling of your house, you can clean the stain using sandpaper. Do not rub the sandpaper too hard on the ceiling to avoid scratching and damaging the coating.

5. Repainting the ceiling of the house

If the dirt stain does not disappear even though it has been cleaned using a cloth and sandpaper, then the only way to get rid of the dirt is to repaint the ceiling. Don’t forget to use paint in the same color as the other ceiling colors! Usually, dirt that is difficult to remove appears because the dirt is not cleaned immediately and makes the dirt harden and stick to the ceiling.

Here’s how to easily remove stains from ceilings:

Materials and tools needed:

Kape scrap;
Brushes and rollers;
Paint mixing tray;
Alkali sealer coating; and
Wall paint.


Working Steps

First, clean the roof from mold and other dirt using scrap and sandpaper. Both coat the ceiling using an alkaline sealer so that the painting results are not streaky, wait for the alkaline sealer to dry for about 1-2 hours. Prepare wall paint to evenly paint the stained ceiling area so that the ceiling looks clean again.