Cleaning window glass can be a very annoying activity, especially if the dirt hasn’t gone away or the cleaning marks have been left behind. It happens because we make mistakes when cleaning the glass window.

Want to know what really did you do wrong? Here are five window cleaning mistakes that many people make:

Choose a sunny weather

Doing the job of cleaning windows in the hot sun and cleaning before wiping them with a rag, will leave streaks that are difficult to remove. Conversely, you can choose a slightly cloudy or shady weather to clean the windows.

But if the sun is shining hot and you really want to clean up, you better start from the inside of the window or from the inside of the house, where the part gets the shade.

You do not clean dust or dirt on the window sills or frames

Skipping this step will cause debris to collect in the area between the windows or those that are covered by windows. Always clean sills or window frames before cleaning the entire window. You will definitely be nodding and smiling to yourself when you read this point. Confess!

You don’t completely use window cleaners

Never hesitate to use cleaning fluid, especially if the window is very dirty. If you really need a lot of cleaning fluid, just do it, so that it really shines.

Use newspaper to dry

Not infrequently people use this trick, but in fact it is not effective. What is effective is that you use a microfiber cloth to dry it. This cloth is super absorbent and can make window glass shiny.

Dry with a towel

Towels can leave fibers on the glass. So as an alternative, besides a microfiber cloth is a paper towel. In the paper towel trial, he was able to lift the smallest particles and leave no fibers.