Every family certainly yearns for the design of their own dream home. And most of them would want to bring a natural nuance into their home. Because with natural nuances, it can make a home feel more comfortable and soothing.

Besides that, home design that has natural nuances also means harmonizing with the lifestyle of modern society which prioritizes healthy life, energy saving and also environmentally friendly. No wonder that currently environmentally friendly home designs with natural elements are a favorite of many families.

Talking about realizing a natural and environmentally friendly home design is actually not difficult. One of them is by choosing floor coatings with natural motifs.

Granite flooring for a natural home look

You can make granite floors as a floor coating for your home. Because granite floors have many advantages such as thick and strong layers, because they have gone through a burning process of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Even so, the surface of the granite floor remains smooth and shiny so that the granite floor can look luxurious. Not only that, granite ceramic floors also have many choices of natural colors and motifs that can make your dream of having a home with natural nuances come true.


Natural Granito Granite

GranitoTM as a quality granite ceramic manufacturer offers a wide selection of natural motifs that will make your home look more beautiful and comfortable. In addition, the latest Artile collection from GranitoTM has a large selection of colors inspired by natural stone elements. You can make several choices of natural granite ceramic motifs from Artile for housing with a natural feel.


Natural Granite Motif Selection


Cosmo comes with a motif inspired by travertine stone. With a choice of neutral colors, Cosmo motif is ideal for those of you who want to have a modern and classic interior look. Cosmo motifs can also be used in any room in your residence.


The tile motifs from the Forte collection are inspired by the beauty of natural granite with a cream, off white and gray base color. The Forte collection has a motif that resembles a speck of granite. Forte will give your home a luxurious look that is easy to combine with modern or classic furniture.


Terrain has natural motifs inspired by natural stone. With Terrain’s tile collection, you can give your home a contemporary, industrial or classic look. Just mix it with rustic furniture and give a touch of plants to the corners of the house, you can get a soothing and comfortable residence. Apart from being a home, the Terrain collection is also suitable for office floors or public areas.


Mirage has motifs and colors that resemble natural stone. With a choice of bold gray colors, Mirage can give a masculine impression to your industrial space. Apart from that, Mirage can also provide an Instagenic look to your home.


Maison is inspired by the wood fibers on the tree. Maison comes with 5 color choices: white birch wood, natural oak wood, brown pine wood, dark mahogany wood and iron wood. The Maison collection can be the right choice for those of you who want a residence with a thick natural atmosphere.


Empire carries a luxurious marble motif. With 5 color choices, Empire can give a luxurious and natural look to your home.


Lunar is designed with a distinctive granite motif that can create a natural feel for your home. With a modern natural touch, the Lunar tile collection can be applied in various rooms, indoors or outdoors. The Lunar collection has 4 color choices: Helium, Terra, Zephyr and Solar, which can be an option for your modern minimalist home or your industrial look.


With unique characteristics, Element’s motifs can provide a rustic or industrial atmosphere. Not only rustic, Element motifs can also be combined with modern nuanced room designs. Motif Element is perfect for outdoor or indoor areas in your home.


Palais has a motif that resembles marble carara. Palais motifs can be the right choice if you want to bring luxury to your home. You can also mix Palais granite floor with modern style furniture. Palais is very suitable to be applied to the living room area, family room or dining room with an open space design.

Art Deco

Beautiful and unique decor accents will make the room look much more attractive. Art Deco has very attractive motifs and colors for those of you who like a vibrant look. You can use Art Deco motifs throughout the room to give a boho or ethnic impression. Besides that, you can also combine it with classic granite motifs for a more elegant impression.