In designing a modern minimalist home, you can pour many ideas. One of them is playing with the elements and materials used in the room. According to Jennifer Tulley of Jennifer Tulley Architects, minimalism is an approach to design, where elements are simplified for components that matter. The design develops in the form and materials used. One of the materials that you can use to make a more beautiful design is glass. This building material is still often used as decoration and design. Quoted from Residence Style, here are 7 advantages if you use glass in designing a modern minimalist home:

Don’t bother

Glass gives a sensation of openness and makes the space look spacious. For example, in a transparent glass panel that can be used as a corridor partition and presents a view in space. Clear glass can also be used to build walls. Glass will give the impression that the room looks beautiful in a modern minimalist home. In addition, glass allows a lot of light in to fill the interior area of ​​the room. Pair glass with light colored walls, clean, modern details, and neat décor for an appeal.

Resistant to weather changes

Glass material can withstand rain, wind and sun, Bun. Glass can reflect, refract and absorb light, as well as allow occupants to regulate light that can affect activity. This material also has excellent thermal stability and has a low thermal expansion value. When there is a change in temperature, glass has no effect compared to other construction materials.

The material is durable

The nature of minimalist home designs is often out of date. However, glass is known as a durable material and is always present in any design. Glass is a fundamental component in designing a house. This is why you can use glass without fear of being bored or looking old-fashioned.

Insulator material

Glass is an ideal insulator for heat, electricity and electromagnetic waves because of its reaction to light. Some types of glass are even resistant to ultraviolet, X-rays and infrared rays. Other types can also withstand thickness dependent sound transmission. The thickness of this glass can provide benefits for residents of modern minimalist homes.

Resistant to chemicals

Glass can withstand the effects of chemical reactions. Glass has excellent resistance to most corrosive chemicals such as alkalis and inorganic acids.

Many choices of shapes and colors

Glass material has various shapes and colors, Bun. Depending on the needs, the glass can even be shaped and colored according to taste. In addition, glass is an easy building material.

Can be turned into a work of art

Designing a room with glass can turn it into contemporary art. Glass is commonly used by interior designers to turn decorations into works of art and keep spaces functional. Glass is a versatile material that adds aesthetic value to any building. When a house is aligned with a minimalist concept, glass is one of the best materials to start building.