The dining room is not only a room where you and your family dine but also a room where your family can exchange stories and start the day together. Therefore, choosing an attractive kitchen design is very important so that your family feels at home spending time together there. Here are minimalist kitchen design tips that you can explore.

1. Similar Raw Materials

Choose one furniture material that you like and try to use the same material in all dining room furniture. So if you like natural elements, try using wood on the wooden floor, chairs and minimalist dining table. This is to maintain consistency in the overall design of the room.

2. Color Consistency

Like the selection of basic furniture materials in the kitchen, color consistency also needs attention. A kitchen that is dominated by wood elements will work well with white, light gray, cream or light brown colors that match your minimalist dining table. As an alternative, the combination of white on the walls and light gray on the furniture like the picture above will look cute.

3. Artistic Decoration

Like paintings that are thick with artistic elements, the kitchen is also the place where culinary arts originated. So don’t hesitate to add a painting or display for a classy kitchen look. But if you are not sure which painting is right, just worry about it with a fresh flower arrangement on a minimalist dining table to decorate your kitchen as shown below. Keep it simple and classy!

4. Evenly Lighting

For owners of small kitchens it is better to pay extra attention to lighting. Naturally, sunlight that enters the indoor area can give a spacious impression to the room. Make sure the kitchen and dining room are in the right position so that sunlight can illuminate the entire room, especially on the minimalist kitchen and dining table.

5. Thin Curtains On The Window

If the kitchen and dining room have windows, avoid using thick curtains. Because the type of thick material can make the impression of tightness and is not in line with a minimalist design. Use curtains made of thin materials that match the color of the room. The thin material on the curtains can still be penetrated by sunlight so that it provides more sunlight for a wider impression of space.

6. Texture games

The small hexagon ceramic that is used on half of the kitchen wall facilitates the cleaning routine, especially on the part adjacent to the stove. Ceramics can also protect walls from splashes of oil or spills of cooking ingredients.

7. Keep It Clean!

It is undeniable that kitchen activity almost certainly leaves a pile of dirty appliances. It’s good every time after cooking or eating, immediately wash the plates and glasses, dry them and store them in the cupboard. Also keep in mind not to put too many cutlery on a minimalist dining table because it will only give the impression of being full and crowded.