7 Advantages of Using Steel in the Construction World

7 Advantages of Using Steel in the Construction World

Steel is a material used in various constructions with all its advantages that make it easy for both the architect and the project owner.

Why is Steel Used in Construction?

Steel is one of the most widely used building materials in construction today. This is mainly because this material is quite flexible, durable, and affordable.

Almost every project, always requires the availability of steel. Starting from the construction of houses, roads, bridges, and high-rise buildings using steel for various purposes.

Steel construction

Steel is used for a variety of different projects. Examples are road and rail construction, building infrastructure such as bridges, modern architectural constructions, skyscrapers and airports to homes and residential parks.

Even buildings constructed using other materials (such as concrete) are often reinforced with steel beams. The following are the reasons why steel is a widely used material in construction around the world:

Steel has high durability

One of the main reasons steel is used in so many construction projects is its durability. This material has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other building material. Therefore, steel is ideal for buildings both large and small.

Flame retardant material

Many companies and homeowners also like refractory steel. So, this material will not become a spark if a fire occurs. This is different from organic materials such as combustible wood.

Durable material

Steel is a material that will never rot, split, crack, warp, twist, or break. With all these benefits, steel is also a material with high durability and low maintenance.

Its use can also increase the value of property owned, including, houses, buildings for businesses, offices, and factories. In addition to reinforcement, steel is also used as a frame. So, many modern buildings refer to this material compared to wood material.

Steel can be recycled

With this advantage, steel is an environmentally friendly material. In fact, not much metal can be recycled. And steel is a special one that can be recycled for reuse. This process does not damage or weaken the steel, making it an ideal material for continuous reuse.

Strength, beauty, freedom of design

Steel offers architects greater freedom of design, color, texture and shape. The combination of all this gives architects a wider range of parameters to explore ideas and develop solutions.

Earthquake resistance

Earthquakes cannot be predicted in terms of frequency, duration, and location. Steel is the material of choice for design because of its ductility and flexibility. In certain constructions, many beam-to-column joints in steel buildings are designed primarily to support gravity loads. This material also has sufficient capacity to withstand loads caused by wind and earthquakes.

Lighter when used

Steel structures can be significantly lighter than concrete. This can help reduce the environmental impact of the building. Fewer, lighter materials provide more benefits.

Some of the things above have made steel a building material used in various construction projects. Steel is also often an alternative to making floor and roof trusses as a substitute for wood for various reasons. This makes the steel industry increasingly innovate to bring the best products for construction.

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