7 Simple 2 Floor Minimalist House Designs for Small Families. Functional!

7 Simple 2 Floor Minimalist House Designs for Small Families. Functional!

Simple 2-storey minimalist house design can accommodate about 2 to 4 family members, including 2 children. Are you looking for design inspiration? You have come to the right place! Not all 2-storey houses have to be built in a grand and spacious way.

The proof is the house designs below. Simple 2-storey minimalist house design is one of the most sought-after home concepts because of its functionality. The building is not that big, but it can accommodate many people, especially small families. This 2-storey house is built with high ceilings to reduce the feeling of tightness in the house. In addition, its vertical shape also saves a lot of land, so it can be used for green space.

Are you curious about the design?

Minimalist 2-storey house with a small garage

This minimalist 2-storey house design is quite simple. Not much decoration on the facade of the house, only a box of gardens in front of the 1st floor bedroom window.

The minimalist design, dominance of white paint, and the open concept have succeeded in making the house look bigger than the original. In fact, if you see, this residence is not far from the type 36 house.

Open house

If the previous simple 2-storey minimalist house design carried the theme of an open courtyard, now the same concept is used in the interior.

This minimalist open house is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow sunlight to enter the house. This concept is suitable for small houses because it can make the interior appear wider and more natural.

Tiny Minimalist 2 Floor House

This minimalist home design is really tiny. The concept can be imitated for those of you who want to build a house on narrow land.

This house has no more than 2 rooms, with some reduced rooms, such as a family room. To maximize the area, you can use the front yard as a garage or car park.

Storey house

Do you want your home to look more modern and futuristic? Maybe this 2-storey minimalist house design can be used as inspiration. The building uses a symmetrical structure, making the house look more assertive and modern.

For a futuristic impression, use a smooth and shiny material such as steel or light teak. Don’t forget to replace the walls with glass so that the house looks more natural.

House without veranda

This 2-story house design does not have a veranda, but there are many other advantages that you can get. One of them is 2 pairs of windows installed on each floor of the house. This design is proven to make the house look more charming.

From the outside, this house can accommodate 2 rooms to 3 rooms, depending on household needs. You can also choose not to build a garage in front of the house and use it as a green garden.

Cluster-style house

The next simple 2-storey minimalist house design is inspired by cluster houses. A cluster house is a house built in a complex and carries a twin theme. This means that all houses are built with the same design, facades and color choices. Cluster houses tend to adopt a minimalist design because they look more modern and simple. The house is not fenced and is equipped with a small garage and a mini garden in front of the house.

Beautiful Minimalist 2 Floor House

The 2-storey house design will look more beautiful with the presence of a garden around it. If you have extra land around the house, don’t let it! Magic becomes a beautiful garden by planting grass and some flowers or small trees around the house. This trick will make your home look cooler and more alive!